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Gentleman – OUT NOW!


The BRAND NEW and 15th single from The Saturdays is OUT NOW!! Gentleman is out for your enjoyment, so get out there, don’t buy any cows, please buy the song instead. The links are on the right hand side of the site so buy buy buy, chart updates will feature throughout the week.

Let’s aim for as high as possible, another number one would be amazing, but a Top 5 single would be equally great! You can no-longer get Wildfire via iTunes but you can still pick up the signed CD before it sells out to grab a copy of that. As of this post update (11.10am – Sunday) we are basically Top 20 on the iTunes songs chart and Top 5 on the EP chart, so a very strong start, we just need to keep it there all week! Keep buying all, links on the right!


This Morning – Interview & Performance 1

This Morning the girls visited, This Morning, to talk about and perform their new single, which is OUT NOW in Ireland! You can catch the interview and performance below. Let us know what you thought via the twitter, this is the first performance of the song as a 5-piece as Rochelle has returned to the group ๐Ÿ™‚

Performance – Gentleman

Alternative Link via our YouTube


Alternative Link via our YouTube

As always, we request that if you use this video on your own website/blog/tumblr etc. please just use the embed link on vimeo or youtube. Please refrain from downloading it and uploading it to your own accounts. Please link back to Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

BBC Radio 2 Interview

This afternoon the girls kicked off the promotional trail for Gentleman by having a chat on BBC Radio 2, no thats not a typo, they actually went on Radio 2 for a change. You can catch the interview below, as always let us know what you think by sending us a tweet!

Gentleman is released in Ireland tomorrow and the rest of the UK on Sunday. You can still pre-order now to grab the awesome b-side Wildfire, hit the links to the right of this post ๐Ÿ™‚

Gentleman Promo starts today!

It’s only a matter of days before you can get hold of Gentleman, unless you are in Ireland then you can grab it tomorrow! We have setup a new poll below asking you where you think the song will chart, amazingly it seems that most people are expecting it to chart, as of now most people are thinking that it will chart in the lower half of the Top 10. If you disagree vote now!

The girls promo starts today, the girls will be on BBC Radio 2 (Which doesn’t even have Gentleman on its playlist!) this afternoon, we should have the girls on the show on the site later this evening, so if you are at work/college/school/not in UK etc. then make sure you pop back here later this afternoon and listen to the girls on Radio 2.

The first performance is tomorrow on This Morning, I’d be at work so I will try and get it on the site during my lunch break, but there is a chance it won’t be until I get home, but more on that tomorrow.

Mollie Models!

Last night our very own Mollie stepped onto the catwalk as she modelled items from theย Odabash Macdonald collection at the ME Hotel last night. We’ve added a few of the pictures from the media below, hopefully more will appear and we can add them to our gallery – keep an eye on our twitter feed for the gallery update information ๐Ÿ™‚ Mollie was looking great as she modelled the items which no doubt aren’t cheap!

Just to end the item, yesterday a mailer shot was sent out, about the mailer, and various things that could be sold via their official site, there is also a section detailing where you get your Sats fix of news. If we are your first stop for news, then please name us in the ‘other’ section. There is no personal gain for us from you doing so, it would just be nice to be mentioned in the survey if we are your first stop for news/video/pictures anything Saturdays online. We thank you again for the support since 2008! ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember that our girls are playing a handful of headlining shows in August, tickets are still available so please get yourselves down there and say hi to us too! The girls are playing Bluewater in Kent on August 10thย and Scarborough, North Yorkshire on August 23rdย – if you can make it then get your tickets now (You can still get decent ones for Kent if you act now! – There are sadly still over 1500 tickets available too :/) – remember the girls are the only main act so we should get a full hour+ concert, you’ve probably not seen the girls do a full set since the All Fired Up Tour in 2011, so if you can get along please buy those tickets ๐Ÿ™‚

Usual reminder that Gentleman is released THIS SUNDAY. If you want the awesome b-side Wildfire you need to PRE-ORDER it now on CD or via iTunes. Last night the Gentleman EP was around number 200 on iTunes (It’s currently around 221), we really need to push it a tad higher before the weekend. So please make sure you pre-order it ๐Ÿ™‚

Gentleman Promo Confirmed

Shortly after I posted yesterday that hopefully the TV promo for Gentleman will be confirmed soon, it was posted up, and to mine (and probably a few others surprise) there isn’t much of it ….

Thursday 27th Juneย โ€“ BBC Radio 2: Steve Wright In The Afternoon with Patrick Kielty
Friday 28th June โ€“ This Morning, ITV1 – 10.30am
Monday 1st July โ€“ Daybreak, ITV1 – From 7.00am
Wednesday 3rd July โ€“ Mollie and Vanessa chatting on Letโ€™s Do Lunch, ITV1 – 12.30pm

They are also doing another Google Hangout on Tuesday 2nd July for those who enjoy that kind of thing. I understand why they do these but from an actual promo/sales point of view I’m not sure how much they actually help promote the song.

I also appreciate that there aren’t that many TV shows for pop acts to go on in the summer months, but this does seem to be pretty bare threaded unless there is stuff they aren’t telling us. I mean just ONE performance the week the song is out, and that’s on Monday – the girls traditionally have strong early sales and then drop as the week progresses, so lets hope something is planned for the end of the week. It’s a shame not to see the girls on the big Friday night talk shows more often.

Reminder that Gentleman is out on Sunday, it wasn’t that long ago that we where all ‘we got to wait how long?!’ Remember to pre-order NOW so you can grab Wildfire!



Gentleman – Alias Remix Video

Here’s the official remix video to the new single Gentleman – OUT NEXT WEEK – pre-order now to get the exclusive – and rather awesome b-side – ย Wildfire, links to the right of this post!

Remember TeamSats pre-order now to get the Alias produced b-side ‘Wildfire’ – exclusive to pre-orders ONLY! Lets make sure the girls follow up their number one single ‘What About Us’ with another chart smash!! So 1999!!

Mollie Surgery, Royal Appointment and Frankie!

Last night our very own Mollie dropped into The Surgery on Radio 1 to offer help and advice, you can catch the show below:

Mollie was captured leaving Radio 1 last night in the brightest orange jacket you could possibly think of, as it shines against the gloomy London skyline! I’ve added a few pictures of Mollie below, our gallery will be updated later with some HQs of Mollie leaving Radio 1, so check back later, and our Twitter account for when they are added!

The girls had a royal appointment last week, as they attended the opening of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Hospice in Solihull. You might recall that a year (or so) ago the girls where there laying the first brick of the building of the hospice, so they where invited back last week to attend the full opening of the event – along side the future king of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles. Also in attendance was Una’s other half, Ben! I’ve added a few pictures below of the girls below.

Also in other news Frankie has been in the South of France for some relaxing R&R, we do have to say here on the site that she is looking rather radiant and healthy from the pictures posted, you can check out them below ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, not that anyone needed reminding, Gentleman, is released in under a week, remember to pre-order NOW to get Wildfire as a b-side. So far the girls aren’t listed on many TV shows, just Lets Do Lunch with Gio & Mel on ITV1, 12.30pm, on July 3rd. I’ll keep checking the TV Guide and hope that more come on, or their official team tell us soon ๐Ÿ™‚ Obviously any videos will be on the site ๐Ÿ™‚