Rochelle returns!

Hey all! Hope you are all doing great and well, and that you have summer! (If you are in the Northern part of the world anyway!) Just don’t ask us in the UK about summer …

It’s all gone a little quiet again, as the girls, rest(?), and get ready for the big Gentleman promo push, hopefully the TV information will start filtering in shortly and we will update you on that accordingly.

As you are probably aware, Rochelle has returned to the group now, so hopefully she will do some TV promo/performances with the rest of the girls as they release Gentleman in under two weeks now! To kick off promo Mollie is on BBC Radio 1 this weekend, doing another Surgery session, almost excatly a year later than her last, she must book these things in advance, so make sure you tune in to that!

Rochelle and Marvin (and THAT buggy) have also been out and about, not sure why the paps decide to take photographs of a family walking around is beyond me, but I’ve added a couple of the pictures below, the couple also enjoyed a night out! I know its hardly breaking/exciting news, but everything will kick up a few gears soon … 🙂

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