[Updated] Vanessa & Mollie to host Fashion Shows, MTV’s Hottest 2013

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Vanessa is also at another fashion show on the same day! Vanessa will also appear at the Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester at 3pm. This in addition to being at the Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough at 11am. This is in addition to Mollie being at the Bullring Shopping Centre in Birmingham all day. The full press release can be found below by clicking Read More below 🙂

Hey all! Hope Thursday is treating you all well. We start with the MTV Hottest (we are being beaten by Little Mix here!) – MTV are doing their MTV Hottest, and its really simple and easy to vote, as its based of Twitter! You simply tweet #MTVHottest The Saturdays and a vote is counted. You can add this to EVERY tweet you do, or tweet it with your favourite Saturdays lyric. You decide, but I know some of you tweet (a lot) so if you add the hashtag and The Saturdays to end end of the tweet you will vote for the girls! We are currently low down at Number 34 .. seriously … there is a LIVE leaderboard on the MTV site which is being dominated by One Direction (hardly surprising) but we can get higher than 34 surely? So simply start tweeting, add the hashtag or just click here and VOTE VOTE VOTE 🙂 This runs until August 18th so we need to keep on voting for a while!

Secondly as you are aware the girls are filming their new music video today, so hopefully new music is close, although we all know the Gentleman music video was filmed months and months before it aired so we shall see …

Thirdly it seems Vanessa and Mollie are doing their own fashion type events – at the same weekend!. Vanessa will kick off a weekend of style at Peterborough’s shopping centre by hosting the show on Saturday 28 September at 11am. At the same time Mollie will be at the Bullring in Birmingham as part of the AW13 event hosting various shows on the 28th September. So if you are local to Peterborough or Birmingham make sure you pop down and see the girls talk fashion!




Two members of pop-royalty girl band, The Saturdays, will be marking the most stylish date of the year in the Midlands’ calendar at Bullring Birmingham, Highcross Leicester and Queensgate Peterborough, on Saturday 28th September.

Mollie King will take to the stage at Birmingham’s ultimate shopping destination, Bullring, to present The Show: Ten, whilst Vanessa White will host The Show: Festival of Colour at Highcross Leicester and The Show at Queensgate Peterborough.

Mollie will host five fashion shows at Bullring throughout the day showcasing key trends for the season during the finale of Bullring’s 10th birthday celebrations. Meanwhile, Vanessa will kick off a weekend of style at Peterborough’s most stylish destination, Queensgate, at 11am before travelling to Leicester’s capital of shopping, Highcross, at 3pm for the finale of their 5th Birthday celebrations.

Mollie King, of The Saturdays, commented: “Birmingham is such a stylish city and has a great fashion offering so I’m very excited to be a part of Bullring’s ten year celebrations and The Show: Ten.”

Vanessa White from The Saturdays, added: “I’m really looking forward to kicking off the Midlands’ celebration of style weekend at Queensgate and being part of Highcross’ 5th birthday celebrations. Saturday 28th September is definitely a date for your diary.”

Louise Hamer- Brown, Regional Marketing Manager for Bullring, Highcross and Queensgate, commented: “This is truly our weekend of style and it’s great to have Mollie and Vanessa with us to kick-start it. They are both renowned for their great sense of style and love of high street fashion so I’m sure they’ll prove a hit with our shoppers.”

All three shows take place as part of the Midlands’ Autumn Fashion Fix where fashionistas will be able to take advantage of exclusive offers, competitions and in-store entertainment throughout the whole weekend. Shows are free to watch and attend, visit the centre’s website to reserve your seat or simply take your spot on one of the balconies overlooking the catwalks.

Bullring: The Show: Ten times:

Saturday 28th September at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm

Sunday 29th September* at 11.30am, 1pm and 3pm. (* not hosted by Mollie King).

To reserve your seats please visit www.bullring.co.uk.   

Highcross:  The Show: Festival of Colour times:

Saturday 28th September: 11am, 1pm 3pm*, 5.30pm (*hosted by Vanessa White)

Sunday 29th September: 11.30am,1pm, 3pm

To reserve your seats please visit www.highcrossleicester.co.uk.

Queensgate: The Show times:

Saturday 28th September 11am*, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm (* hosted by Vanessa White)

Sunday 29th September 11am , 1pm, 3pm

To reserve your seats please visit www.queensgate-shopping.co.uk.

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