Living For The Weekend – First Listen!

Remember you can listen to The Saturdays NEW ALBUM this evening at 7pm via Google+ so join in with the fun (and mayhem) as the girls preview songs from their new album, and remember if you like what you hear, get ordering!!

To get you in the mood, the first few album reviews are filtering in:

Maximum Pop:

7/10. Songs like ‘Lease My Love’ and ‘Problem With Love’ are the furthest they’ve journeyed into R&B and feels like a great continuation of the sound of ‘On Your Radar’, while ‘Leave A Light On’ is a cracking ballad and the uptempo tunes are big blasts of fun. Room for improvement, but not a bad result all round.

Female First:
4/5: There’s nothing ‘groundbreaking’ on the album – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The girls do the job they’re supposed to with hit after hit that could storm the charts if released as a single, and a ballad or two thrown in for good measure.

Good news on Disco Love too, we know that its Top 5 in the early sales, and it remains Top 5 on iTunes too. Looks like this could be a good sized hit for the girls 🙂 Keep on buying, and pre-order that album. All the links you ever need are to the right of this post >>>>>

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