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Hey all! Sorry for the lack of updates last week, I was on half-term so was having a bit of a break from everything last week, but we are back now. The site was also offline this morning, a software update automatically happened overnight and seemingly didn’t fully complete and knocked the database server offline, but all is back now. Sorry for that!

We start today with the news that the new album Living For The Weekend has dropped to 61 on the UK album charts, only 3 weeks after release, we are all a tad concerned by this. Hopefully the girls will respond with something soon – well could be sooner than expected, as the girls are on the new series of The Paul O’Grady show, NEXT MONDAY (11th) at 5pm on ITV1. The ITV press-release states ‘Music From The Saturdays’ so they are performing something … hopefully even if its not the next single, it’s something from the album to generate some public interest. Videos will obviously be on the site after it airs 🙂 – Update. As I was typing this their official twitter tweeted they are ‘bringing some Disco Love’ so I guess that answers the question.

The girls are only hours away from a signing in Westfield London – yes a SIGNING PEOPLE – sadly they are only signing postcards, and I assume if you can throw down the £100 (plus credit) for a Nokia Lumia they might sign that too! If you are around and want to say hi to the girls pop down to the Carphone Warehouse there, apparently there isn’t too many people down there (as of 4.10pm) so it’s a good chance to say hi, even if you (like a lot of people I’d imagine) aren’t too fussed about the phones on offer. Remember IF you do buy a phone you enter the draw to the exclusive mini-concert with the girls next year.

Apart from that it’s all a little quiet, Frankie has been out and about with Wayne and Parker (as any new-mum would be!), Mollie has been partying with a Pussycat Doll and Rochelle and Una continue to be mums. Oh and Vanessa was partying it up at Halloween!

Hopefully we will hear news of the next single, give us your opinion on what you would like to hear via twitter! We always like a good discussion with the fans!

Until tomorrow … 🙂

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