Happy New Year!

Happy New Year TeamSats! It’s now 2014, and well it’s pretty much the same as 2013 so far?

I’m sure many of you have set resolutions, about eating less, or getting healthy, or a combination of them both. Or it might be something a lot less serious and fun! Either way I hope you’ve not broken it already, it’s only day 6 after all!

I know the big talking points right now are about the hints from the mailer, which state both ‘new single’ and ‘2014 tour’ – which is a lot to take in.

Obviously ‘Not Giving Up’ has been ‘album only’ on iTunes for a while now, which to a lot of people is just screaming out – next single – and as I touched on my previous post the song is appearing on advance single release dates, set for Early March right now. So we will wait and see.

The next debate is obviously about any tour. In the greatest respect to our favourite group, they aren’t going to pull a Beyoncé and announce a tour, and then go on tour 3 months later. Today new 2014 tours have been announced, and they are for dates in October. I’ve been saying a while I foresee an Arena Tour for the girls, but not until Autumn/Winter 2014. I’ll be glad to be proven wrong, but it’s looking increasingly more likely this will be the case.

Quick roundup of the New Year’s news. Mollie has been sunning herself in LA, cooking on the BBQ in a bikini and generally making us feel very unfit. Rochelle and family have been enjoying a lovely exotics holiday. Una has spent time in Ireland as we await her appearance on ITV’s Splash! Vanessa and Gary have been spending time in Paris and Frankie, well she’s got a new born to be looking after!

I promise stuff will be happening soon, just anyone who was expecting instant gratification from the rumoured tour dates and single news might be feeling a tad disappointed, just remember good things come to those who wait! Just ask Mollie and her BBQ!



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