Please Mr Postman, Summer Anthem


It’s Friday all! A great day, a working week is done, and its time to relax at the weekend.

We start today that The Saturdays have a song on the Postman Pat Movie Soundtrack, yes seriously. The girls version of ‘Please Mr Postman’ which they performed on an ITV The Carpenters special 4 years ago (yes it was that long ago!) is the first track on the album. The OST is due to be released on 19th May!

In more summer news, our girls have teamed up with First Choice to find the ultimate summer anthem. You can add your own choices here. The country’s favourite summer anthems will form a ‘poolside playlist’ to be played at First Choice Holiday Villages in Europe and north Africa throughout the summer, and the top 40 tracks will be free to listen to online on music streaming service Spotify. The girls explain it all below:


Also, if you ever wanted to be a member of The Saturdays, or just a popstar in General, Una answers all your questions below:

Plus talking questions, those questions that the girls are NEVER asked, are now all answered: (Hi Hannah!) 😉

Mollie also did an interview for a new book by the Nth Degree, we have that article and will be posting it on the site later today 🙂

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