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Hey TeamSats!

I just thought I’d take a few minutes to explain my situation and how it’s obviously affected the site in the last month!

As you have probably noticed the site has not had the regular updates that I try and do. This is down to a number of reasons, the main one being that my role at work has been changed slightly and where as before I’ve been able to sit down for 15-20mins at the start of each day to check for updates, this is no-longer possible. So updates should have shifted until late afternoon – when I get back from work – but alas I have a University exam next Monday, which I’m very under prepared for so that has been taking up my evenings!

Obviously this isn’t planned, but sadly work has decided to remove my main working place over the summer and now I’m working in many different locations over the week which has hampered the ability for morning updates!

To add more complications to the updates, as some of you might be aware, my girlfriend has now got a job in London and is moving in with me this weekend. Which is amazing, but has obviously (and rightly so!) got in the way with the website.

I plan to get everything back up and running the best I can in the near future, but hopefully you can all understand that life needs to have priority over The Saturdays, as much as we all love the group we do need to put ourselves first from time to time and for me this is one of those times!

I promise the 2015 Calendar Competition will be coming before the weekend, hopefully today, but if not tomorrow!

Thanks for your understanding!

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