News Roundup: 10th November


Right, sorry. It’s been a tad quiet around here recently, not too much has been going on, but I have missed some stuff so will bring everything up to speed, or try to at least!

As per the previous post, Frankie moves onto next weeks Strictly from Blackpool, despite being upset with her dance. You can catch the video below (and the Introduction with the rest of the girls!)

Rochelle talks about Frankie on Strictly and how she doesn’t plan to go on there, and her upcoming role hosting Children In Need this coming Friday with the Express.

Frankie talks up having more children, “It’s definitely something we want to do although right this moment would not be a good time obviously. Lately the thought of three seems really sweet.”

Frankie is also supporting Save The Children’s Christmas 2014 campaign, wear your Christmas Jumper to work on Friday 12th December! More details at Save The Children.

Rochelle’s new Very range seems to be out soon (or now?) and herself and Marvin are also fronting a Pandora appeal too!

I’ve probably missed bits and pieces, but that seems to be the last week summed up. As for new music, rumours are abound that Rochelle is leading a new single from LuvBug in the new year, which might or might not lead onto something more solo for her. Not had anything confirmed to us, just reading what is going around online.

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