Service Update

Sounds like some sort of train announcement! Just an update for all involved, there hasn’t been many updates recently as we’ve just changed servers. We are assured that people won’t see any issues with the change. For you technical people out there the site was hosted on a VPS server which as you can probably understand was a tad overpowered (and pricey!) for a group which seemingly has very little lined up for the next 12+ months, so we’ve looked around and have moved down to a (so-called) lesser setup, but in all honesty we don’t expect to be any performance issues, indeed it might work and be faster for you now than it was previously! The key issue is that everything (from my perspective) is a lot cheaper and more affordable so the site can continue for the foreseeable future as its less of a burden on my income!

Full update will come shortly, on our 7th – yes 7th – birthday next week, but more on that in the next few days!

About Matt

I’ve been running fan websites since around 1997, when I launched a Spice Girls website, a few years later I launched a website for the pop-group Steps, which in 1999 became Generation Steps later in the mid 00′s I launched PCDWorld and later The Saturdays Fansite. I’m presently a Network Administrator and a trustee for the UK charity the Dyspraxia Foundation.

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