Happy New Year – Una goes solo!

It’s 2016 everyone, so a Happy New Year! What does 2016 mean .. The Saturdays Reunion? Don’t count on it …

Una has been speaking to the Irish Mirror and has confirmed that she plans to bring out a solo record in 2016, so alongside Mollie and Vanessa (whom is dropping a 3rd single this week) so we are as distant as ever from a group reunion (sorry!)

Una’s music is seemingly going to be acoustic guitar driven with country influences, so probably as far away from The Saturdays as you can get, and we expect it to do pretty well in Ireland where she can get a lot of helping promotion from The Voice. Una says the usual about The Saturdays reunion:

“We are doing our own thing and allowing ourselves that time to explore different things. We have been together for quite a while so we can afford to take the time out now. We’ll come back together when we feel the time is right.”

As a lot of fans, including ourselves, have noticed that we’ve gone from ‘Yes we will reunite’ to a more ‘when the time is right’ sort of situation which seems to be the official buzz coming from the girls on the whole. I would imagine until someone goes solo at full speed we won’t get the full story, which means we probably won’t get more until the Island label decide that its time for Mollie to go solo, as she’s still the only member with a major contract deal right now.

Remember we still plan to update the site, but it will probably become a weekly fixture until someone actually decides to go full tilt at the solo career musically. Obviously it goes without saying that Rochelle is back on our TV screens on Warror Ninja UK which restarted on ITV1 last weekend. Frankie is also on the Strictly tour which starts very soon as well!

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