Whatever the weather ….

… well its has been bad in the UK over the last few days. Hope those in the South West and the Midlands aren’t too wet!

As for our favourite girl group, it’s all gone a little quiet again after the huge annoucement that was Rochelle’s pregnancy. The couple have been photographed walking around (see below) but thats about as exciting it has got!

The girls played their first UK concert over the weekend since their return to the UK. They played at the roundhouse in London over the weekend for the ‘Rays Of Sunshine’ charity. Unless I’m loosing my eyesight a bit there doesn’t seem to be too much news from it. If I find anything I’ll update this news item 🙂

Una and the terribly adorable Aoife have been making waves in the water too! You can check out some of the adorable pictures below. Aoife is far far too cute – well it can’t be too shocking look at her parents! 🙂

Also this seems to have slipped under the radar, (get it!) anyway the Daily Mail seems to be reporting that Mollie has ‘confirmed’ that she was dating Prince Harry, make of it what you will ….

Mollie King of girl band The Saturdays has finally admitted to dating Prince Harry – after denying it for months.

‘Yes, I’ve met Harry and we did go out,’ says Mollie, 25, who confirmed they dated last summer.

Mollie is now enjoying the single life but adds: ‘I would like a boyfriend in 2013 but only if he is Mr Right. Every girl should wait for the right man.’

The Saturdays have been focusing on breaking into America. At the launch of the SuperTrash store in London last week, Mollie, left, told me: ‘It would be amazing to do a film like Spice World.

A film crew has been following us around as we try to crack the States.’

News Roundup: 27th June 2012

It’s all a bit quiet in the world of The Saturdays isn’t it? We know the girls have been on holiday having a relaxing time – or so Frankie & Mollie have been at least! Vanessa & Rochelle have been in Africa doing their bit for Comic Relief which details are a tad sketchy right now but no doubt information will be forthcoming pretty soon we feel.

Una has obviously been looking after little baby Aoife and Internet rumours are around that she is due to get married to Ben this weekend, nothing concreate just yet so those might just be Internet whispers.

In other random news items, apparently Frankie and warned Mollie of Wayne Bridge’s Mates.

OK Magazine spoke to Mollie at the WTA event who confirmed that there is a new single ‘in a couple of months’ so we might have a little longer to wait!

Mollie also talks about her trademark pout and how it was inspired by Katie Price?! Oh dear Molls …


Mollie attends WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party

We all know that @MollieTheSats loves a bit of tennis, and with Wimbledon starting next week – and probably delaying the UK summer by another 2 weeks – she attended the pre-Wimbledon WTA event. Mollie looked stunning as always, check out some pictures of Mollie below:

Click the pictures to enlarge them.

Mollie was also pretty talkative according to various news reports that have appeared today.  Apparently she’s enjoying the single life – sorry lads!

‘I’m young, and I’m having fun,’ the 25-year-old told MailOnline at the WTA Pre-Wimbledon Party at The Roof Gardens in Kensington. ‘I’ve only had long term boyfriends,’ she confided, ‘so I only go out with people I really like.’ She also talked about looking after the newest member of The Saturdays, Aoife.

‘I was looking after Aoife on my own, and although I was only looking after her for an hour I felt a bit panicked,’ Mollie told MailOnline. She also spoke of her excitement at Una and Rochelle Wiseman’s upcoming weddings.

Source: DailyMail

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