Life’s a Beach!

Life is a beach when you are a member of The Saturdays! Or at least when its your day off! The girls have been hitting the beach in LA to make us all super jealous when they come back to a late autumn UK! Check out these pictures of the girls as they hit the beach in LA, and learn to catch a wave!

We are fully aware that remixes of ‘What About Us’ have leaked online recently, out of respect for the girls, their management and their label, we won’t be posting these online.


Lifes a beach! Frankie relaxes in sunnier climates

Looks like @FrankieTheSats has given up on the UK Summer – not a bad idea looking out the window at work this morning! The paper that seemingly just pays journlists to sit on social networking sites and ‘create’ news stories has made this one up of our Frankie enjoying life on a lovely beach that us here in the UK must look at and think, wow I wish I was there ….

How about bringing some of the lovely sun back with you when you return please Frankie and Wayne?

Source: DailyMail

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