Mollie King Hopes Cheryl Cole Gets Better Soon

Mollie King hopes Cheryl Cole will “get better soon.”

The Saturdays singer – who herself was temporarily out-of-action recently due to cellulitis – says she can sympathise with the X Factor star, as she recovers from malaria.

“Cheryl must be feeling really down,” Mollie said. “It’s horrible for anyone to miss out on work but especially with her as she’s going through a real high point of her career right now.

“At least with me, I had the rest of The Saturdays to carry on as we have a new single and new album to promote,” King then added to the Daily Record. “With her, everything has to stop.

“I just want to tell her to get better soon and hang in there. All of The Saturdays wish her better and hope she can recover as soon as possible.”

Source: OMGMusic