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I’m Marit, 19 years old and studying for Teacher Assistant. I was born and live in Holland. I actually got to know the site owner before this site through another fansite I run with him – – I then started to listen to some of The Saturdays’ music, watched some of their videos and decided I quite liked them! Since then I’ve been following them, and you understand as soon as Matt asked for volunteers I was the first to apply! I hope you’ll enjoy visiting this no nonsense fansite for The Saturdays that has been around, well, longer than they have!

All Fired Up At… Our Sport Relief Sock Shoot

Continuing our posts for Sport Relief! The latest flip is of the girls at their photoshoot for the charity… It’s a rather glamorous ‘sock shoot’, but since it’s the only thing they’re wearing they can pull it off can’t they?! 😉 In support of the girls and Sport Relief, get yourself a pair because the money will go to a good cause! Watch the latest flip on their official site now! 🙂

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All Fired Up At… Our New Video Shoot

Finally we can get to know a little more about this new song and video in the latest flip! Go behind the scenes with the girls on their video shoot by going to their official site! It doesn’t show anything of the actual shoot, just the girls chatting about as they always do – but it gives you a little insight into what they’ve been doing and surely to get you excited for a new song and video!

Remember you don’t have to login to watch the latest flip – eg the last released video – but if you want to watch previous once you’ll need to sign up on their site and then you’ll also receive a weekly mailer with all the latest news and whatnot.

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Sport Relief 2012

@TheSaturdays have been incredibly supportive throughout the years to Sport Relief, who got in touch with us to raise awareness for this event as we are a Saturdays fansite! This year at the 25th of March Sport Relief are striving for a million people to run it from wherever is closest to you, in the UK. The idea is that you get ‘sponsors’ when running the mile to donate money into good charities such as better schooling etc. Below you can catch a video where everything is explained, and at 0:25 seconds in you can catch our girls as well!

If this has got you interested to either donate or run the mile yourself, head over to the official Sport Relief website to sign up!

Make sure to RT the tweet that went out for this post on our Twitter @TheSatsCoUk to raise awareness and get more people involved!

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Saturdays jet out to LA

@TheSaturdays – minus Una as she cannot fly with her baby bump! – have jetted out to LA for ‘meetings’. They’ve had a couple of these meetings and have been in the studio as well back home in the UK, so the girls are doing all but kicking back and relaxing! Of course we can’t be sure what this trip to LA is for – but presumably if you are going over there (and it’s quite a long flight!) it won’t be for chit-chats. Let’s hope it’ll distract Mollie a bit from her recent break-up, altho I always find she’s such a positive person I’m sure she’ll be just fine with the surroundings of her bandmates 🙂

If you want to read more about the dramas – but really my text up above sums it up – and some nice pictures you can go to the post Dailymail made for it – I’m sure Claire will be adding pictures to the gallery as well tho so keep an eye out on the gallery or our Twitter @TheSatsCoUk for updates on that!

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All Fired Up At… Secret Studio Shenanigans

@TheSaturdays continue their weekly flips eventhough there doesn’t seem to be much going on… This time recorded by Mollie! Is a new career on the lines? Now accompanied by a new tune you can catch the latest flip on their official site. This one is of the girls recording some new songs for a new album – be it a greatest hits, rerelease or a completely new one! You don’t actually see them recording much but they are chatting about which is fun as usual: Frankie attempts to play some guitar (and nearly breaks it) and also introduces a competition coming up on Twitter, and apparently you can win Frankie’s hair! So lots to look forward to 😉

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All Fired Up At… Tickled Pink Gig

As promised! @TheSaturdays take us behind the scenes of their first gig in the New Year, and it was for a good charity as well so if you went: go you!! This flip isn’t as much about the gig as it is about Una’s baby growing inside her belly… Apparently there’s 2 more months to go – well good luck Una! Although it might be at the safest place there, Mollie seems very keen to have it … As always you can catch the flip on their official site, there’s also 2 parts of the ‘The Best Of 2011’ flips up there to see what they were up to last year (and that’s a lot!). If you want to see those I think you’ll need to sign up if you haven’t already!

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