Mollie: Body and Soul

Picture The Saturdays’ Mollie King, 22, on how she learned to love her boobs

“Until I was 12, I had a short bob and covered it up with a baseball cap – I used to look like a boy! Nowadays it’s long and highlighted so I use Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo and Conditioner, £3.49 each. I rough-dry it because my hair’s naturally quite straight.”

“I’ve never been interested in make-up and often leave the house bare-faced. When I do wear it, I like Mac Eyeshadow in Woodwink, £11, and Blusher in Harmony, £16, which is great for adding colour to cheeks.”

“As a teen I had bad spots and was prescriped antibiotics to clear them up. My skin’s better now but I’d never stop using Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner, £21.70, and Active Moist moisturiser, £24.70. For breakouts the Special Cleansing Gel, £22.10, is brilliant.”

“Instead of wearing perfume, I spray Impulse Into Glamour, £1.79. It’s affordable and has a lovely subtle fragrance which isn’t overpowering like some scents.”

“When I was in my early teens I was a proper tomboy and didn’t want boobs. I felt embarrassed about the female body and it wasn’t until I was 15 that I felt more confident. Now I’m the most girlie girl around. These days I think the bigger boobs, the better!”

“Kettlebells – ball-like weights with handles – are perfect for toning every muscle group in my body. My personal trainer makes sure that I use them properly. I also do lots of lunges and squats to tone up my bum.”

“I’m a size 8 and luckily don’t have any cellulite. The girls in the band say my legs are my best feature and I’m happy to trust their opinion!”