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Casio Sheen sales rise due to The Saturdays

Saturdays AW14 full length group

Who said The Saturdays where on the way out? Casio Sheen don’t believe so, since the girls have taken over as brand ambassadors, sales have increased by 33.8% – and more is planned including a Christmas show!

Sales of Casio Sheen watches have soared by a third since British girl group The Saturdays began fronting their advertising campaigns in the summer.

The promotion is about to ramp up in the pre-Christmas run with six 60-second videos featuring the girls launching this month, along with advertorials and print advertising campaigns in OK! and New magazines, and a TV campaign on Channel 5 that will air for six weeks from the beginning of November.

Alongside the pre-Christmas campaign, Casio Sheen has launched a competition for a customer to win two tickets to a private London gig, where The Saturdays will be performing exclusively in the Casio Sheen store.

This will be promoted through Casio’s social media channels and in all Sheen’s independent retailers in order to offer their customers the opportunity to win this ‘money can’t buy’ prize.

Since Casio Sheen partnered with the popular British girl group in June, sales of Sheen timepieces are tracking at an average of above +33.8% versus the same period last year, the company states.

“With this intensive new phase of marketing activity in the run up to Christmas, we are expecting sales of Sheen watches to increase substantially more over the next two months,” says Casio’s head of marketing, Tim Gould.

The short promotional videos feature interviews with each of the six members of The Saturdays. The first, with Rochelle Humes, went live in September.

Casio Sheen

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Casio Sheen & The Saturdays

The Saturdays are the 2014 ambassadors for the Casio Sheen range of watches – which are available to buy now from H. Samuel or via their website

“Bringing The Saturdays on board as ambassadors was a natural choice because they genuinely reflect  the values of the Sheen brand. The way the girls remain effortlessly elegant whilst juggling a pop career  alongside young families and numerous multimedia ventures is both inspirational and accessible. We  know this will resonate strongly with our target audience.” She adds “The ladies market is a huge  growth area for us, and Casio Sheen’s unique combination of fashion-inspired styling and technological excellence is designed to meet the needs of modern women’s lives”. Jennifer Kelly, Senior Product
Marketing Manager, Casio Sheen

“We were thrilled when asked to be the brand ambassador’s for Casio Sheen. The brand is known for  adding elegance and glamour to an outfit and we love dressing up and feeling stylish, so it was just right  for us! The new range has a colourway to suit every outfit, ideal for the girl who loves to accessorize.”
The Saturdays

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