Frankie mocks “scared” La Roux

Frankie Sandford has suggested that La Roux frontwoman Elly Jackson is scared of The Saturdays.
Jackson reportedly described the girl group as “empty and hollow” but Sandford told Sugar that she has not backed up her comments since.
Sandford said: “I think she said on TV that she’d like to kill us! And now she acts really scared of us.
“Just because she doesn’t wear mascara and dresses a bit cooler than us, she thinks she’s better. But there are five of us and one of her.”
When asked if she was considering a solo career like Fascination labelmate Cheryl Cole, Sandford added: “You never know. I’ve met Cheryl and she really is so lovely and everything that she seems on TV.
“I’d like to sit down and talk to her because things have been completely mental for her. It’d be interesting to get advice.
Source:Digital Spy