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Hey all! It’s Monday and for a fair amount of people, including myself, who work in education or attend school or college its back to work (Yes I know some of you did go back last week too!) but we are all back now!

After the huge success of ‘What About Us’ in the UK – which just to mention is still Top 10 after 4 weeks now – which is awesome for the girls – it’s all gone a little quiet (In the UK ..) but the girls are bored of just getting UK success and last week flew over to Germany to tempt those Europeans with some UK girl group action. Thanks to Juliane for spotting this article about the girls in Germany (It’s in German, obviously!) and if any of our other European visitors find news/videos/articles that we can post please mail them over to us via @TheSatsCoUk or e-mail (see the social tab at the top of the site!)

In other news, Rochelle says that Marvin is enjoying her pregnancy too! Also is Mollie feeling the singleton-life too much as she wants a ‘Fairy Tale’ wedding.

As I spoke about the other week, our lovely Una has started up a blog with Hello Magazine! You can read it on the Hello Site rather than reproducing the entire blog here.

Hopefully the release of a certain song called ‘Gentleman’ won’t affect the girls rumoured next single of the similar name (they do sound rather different tho!) but more news as we get it on that front.

Also here’s an Interview that the girls did with Capital FM (East Midlands) a few days ago:

The Saturdays eye Europe

As expected the girls are going to attempt to break into markets across the world. Starting up in Germany as per their recent visit before the Headlines Tour started.

Early news suggests that the lead single will be Higher – due to be released in April – and followed by a album release in the Summer.

I would expect any European release album to be the new UK album with certain songs from their previous UK albums on, so Higher, Ego etc.

Hopefully the news of them hitting Germany will filter around countries nearby such as Holland, France, Spain etc. and the group can start taking on Europe as well as the UK.

More information as we get it 🙂

Edit: Seems to be a lot of scaremongering going on over this item. I’m not reporting this as fact or anything like that, its purely what we’ve heard along the grapevine so to speak. As you are well aware release dates get changed constantly, plans get changed etc. etc.

The group will prioritise the UK over Germany at present anyway, so any new UK single – which could also be due in April/May – will obviously be ahead of any Germany promo.

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