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Exclusive News – TV show in the works, Single #2 and more ..

If you want to post this on your site or another forum then PLEASE credit us at http://www.the-saturdays.co.uk. Read this fast we might be asked by Polydor/Universal to remove this information tomorrow, which if they do then we can assume there is factual accuracies!

A very good source to the site, who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, has posted us with some exclusive news.

We are lead to believe that Polydor are in discussion with TV networks to create a TV show based around The Saturdays – but this will ONLY happen if “If This Is Love” charts INSIDE THE TOP10 – so if you would love to see a TV show featuring Frankie, Rochelle, Una, Mollie & Vanessa, you know what to do, go buy the single and download it legally!

Secondly we are lead to believe that the second single music video is being filmed TOMORROW – yes that is Wednesday 30th July – we have a location but I’m not going to post it on the site for obvious reasons, they don’t need thousands of people arriving and ruining the shoot! Sorry …but we hope to have some sort of proof tomorrow for you, but obviously if security gets in the way and stamps on the camera then sadly we won’t.

We are also in the knowledge that there is no finished album yet – this might come to a surprise to some of you – the rest of you who know how these labels work it might be less of one – but obviously the future of the group, and if we get an album will be dictated by the success of the first two singles. So make sure you know everyone – that includes your cat – has a copy of the new single – its out now and to download it from iTunes costs all of 79p – surely you can have one less chocolate bar of subway this week 😀

Keep it with the-saturdays.co.uk as we bring you the news that you want to hear – even if the label doesn’t ;o)

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