Summertime in London

It’s amazing isn’t it? The UK finally has summer-type weather and our girls made the most of it yesterday as they performed (in what must have been swealting) temperatures at London’s Hyde Park as part of the Summer Music Festival that is taking place there over the next week or so.

I’ve added a few pictures of our girls looking hot (literally!) below, hopefully more will appear and I shall add them to our gallery.

Talking Gallery, I’ve added a few pictures of Mollie’s DJ night, so check them out, hopefully will be able to add a few more as more appear of the night. You can check out our review of the evening in the post below ๐Ÿ™‚

As you have read Gentleman did chart at number 14 yesterday, I know there is a level of dispointment from everyone involved, but it has given the girls their 14th Top 20 single, they’ve also confirmed that another single is due out before the album, which if that includes 30 Days, will mean 4 singles before the album (Just hope the album has more than 12 songs!), we can all point the finger to where it we thought it went ‘wrong’ but we need to remain positive and look at the future, first up the girls have a couple of headlining concerts next month in Kent and North Yorkshire, so make sure you grab your tickets!!ย Plus they are obviously on the main stage at the V-Festival inbetween those shows too!

Chart Update and Lets Do Lunch!

Firstly the important news, Gentleman has been revealed in the midweek chart update from Radio 1 to be at number 8. We have another Top 10 single on our hands, and is roughly where I personally thought it would chart. The concern is that we are slipping on iTunes, so we need to get the sales up. I’m sure you have bought the EP from iTunes so please go and pick up a couple of remixes, or the remix EPย and help the girls maintain their Top 10! We don’t need the follow up to a number one single not reaching the Top 10 now do we?

Also today Mollie and Vanessa appeared on the ITV1 show ‘Lets Do Lunch’ you can catch the video below:

Or watch via our YouTube Channel here

As per-usual feel free to use this video on your own sites/blogs just use the embed code on Vimeo or Youtube and link back to this site ๐Ÿ™‚

Whatever the weather

Hey all! We are now at Tuesday which means that we might get an unofficial chart update later this morning to how well Gentleman is performing. We snuck into the iTunes Top 10 last night, but have fallen out of it (just) this morning, we seem to be locked into a battle with those The Wanted boys over who wants number 10 on iTunes!

The girls hit MTV and Chart Show TV yesterday for a bit more promo – still wish the girls would do a major UK channel for promo to get the higher viewers – but this is better than nothing (surely?) and they are doing one of these Google Hangouts again today at 4pm for whom it interests.

I know a few people are all going ‘It’s another My Heart Takes Over’ well it surely won’t be THAT bad, I mean Gentleman is still Top 11 on iTunes and only just behind The Wanted, so adding in physical sales should see them go above them. It’s just a case of them (hopefully) maintaining this level of sales throughout the week.

I know its all a little underwhelming after the highs of What About Us, the 115,000 odd sales and a number one, but we need to take the rough with the smooth!


The Saturdays on Lorraine

This morning the girls hit the ITV studios to appear on Breakfast TV show ‘Lorraine’ the girls had a brief chat with Lorraine and then performed their new single Gentleman, which is OUT NOW! You can watch it all below in lovely HD quality (of course!) ๐Ÿ™‚

Performance – Gentleman

Or watch on our youtube here


Or watch on our youtube here

Gentleman is out now, so pick up a copy on iTunesย and if you have a spare bit of change in your pocket why not pick up a few remixes too? As always feel free to use our videos, use the embed links on vimeo or youtube for your own sites, please link back to us at Many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Gentleman Updates and more

Good Morning TeamSats! ย It’s a bright Monday Morning in London Town! The girls are on Lorraine this morning, check back later for the videos from that show, sadly (at present) today is the last TV performance of Gentleman this week, and with its (sadly) lacklustre start on iTunes I think a few members of the community are feeling the worse. I know there are complaints about the lack of promo for Gentleman. I do agree that it is a bit lacking – I mean having the last TV performance on a Monday isn’t the greatest plan. But there is (surely) reasons why the promo is like this. There is also a lack of TV shows this time of year to go on.

As of now (9.10am) Gentleman is still sitting outside the Top 10 of iTunes at number 11. A 15% sales increase would move it up as high as number six, nearly to number five. As you can see sales wise (on iTunes anyway) means they aren’t too far behind, plus obviously they got some EP sales to account into this, and the physical CD, so a Top 10 is probably still on the cards, but its important that we keep spreading the news and keeping everyone aware to buy the song.

I still applaud the girls and their management on releasing a ‘different’ song for them, and it was the right time off the back of a number one single. This can still go Top 10 – where according to our poll – most of you thought it was going to end up anyway!

A few updates, Una celebrated her wedding anniversary on Sunday – yes it has already been that long – so congrats to her and Ben!

There’s a couple of online interviews with the girls, well seemingly mostly Vanessa, apparently she says that ‘there is no stopping us‘ and she’s also been speaking to VirginMedia about various things, one to go to the sites and read rather than me reproducing everything here ๐Ÿ™‚

If you check back after lunchtime (UK Time) you will be able to catch the girls performance and Interview on Lorraine, in HD of course, right here ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great Monday everyone!

Gentleman – OUT NOW!


The BRAND NEW and 15th single from The Saturdays is OUT NOW!! Gentleman is out for your enjoyment, so get out there, don’t buy any cows, please buy the song instead. The links are on the right hand side of the site so buy buy buy, chart updates will feature throughout the week.

Let’s aim for as high as possible, another number one would be amazing, but a Top 5 single would be equally great! You can no-longer get Wildfire via iTunes but you can still pick up the signed CD before it sells out to grab a copy of that. As of this post update (11.10am – Sunday) we are basically Top 20 on the iTunes songs chart and Top 5 on the EP chart, so a very strong start, we just need to keep it there all week! Keep buying all, links on the right!


This Morning – Interview & Performance

This Morning the girls visited, This Morning, to talk about and perform their new single, which is OUT NOW in Ireland! You can catch the interview and performance below. Let us know what you thought via the twitter, this is the first performance of the song as a 5-piece as Rochelle has returned to the group ๐Ÿ™‚

Performance – Gentleman

Alternative Link via our YouTube


Alternative Link via our YouTube

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