The Saturdays hit Kent!

Last night The Saturdays hit the Glow, a new music venue at the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent. I was very fortunate to have a Meet & Greet with the band too. For those wondering, I chatted to Una and Rochelle – who said she will follow us on Twitter, as the others do, so if you are reading this Rochelle @TheSatsCoUk 🙂 – about this website, Adam also came over to talk about this very site and how the girls and their management enjoy what we do, and that they check it daily, so Hi to everyone at Fascination and the girls!

As for the show, the girls obviously welcomed back Rochelle, but lost Frankie! But still it was a great show, just over an hour long as the girls played all the hits, and they still include the rather epic ‘Get Ready, Get Set’ which gets a thumbs up from me, and Mollie apparently who seemingly loves the song as much as the rest of us!

If you are going to V next week, or Scarborough the week after you are in for a treat for the August headlining shows thats for sure 🙂 I’ve added a few videos from tomorrow below, so please enjoy, including a performance of ‘Chasing Lights’ … no thats not a typo 🙂



Chasing Lights

Get Ready, Get Set

Mollie, Frankie, Album, Bluewater

Firstly we start with the news that Mollie was out and about in the North East yesterday, presenting a National Lottery Award to the favourite educational project to the Newcastle based Seven Stories.

“Seven Stories is a place that really encourages reading and storytelling,” she said. “A problem with dyslexia is that people can sometimes jump to the conclusion, ‘Oh, she’s thick’. “Some people find spelling difficult and for some people it’s reading. My spelling is fine but for me it is the reading. “They all knew I was dyslexic at school but when we had to read a story out aloud in class I hated it. “Growing up, it definitely put me off reading books but my mum would help me, reading to me and encouraging me to read. It’s so important to have good stories that really appeal to children.”

I’ve added some pictures from the event below 🙂

Frankie has also been out and about, but for different reasons, seems to be giving Mothercare some kind promotion as herself and Wayne have been shopping for baby items (boy of course!) again added some pictures of the glowing Frankie below.

Also Frankie has tweeted today that they are making final decisions about the album, and The Alias tweeted that they are in the studio with the girls, and of course as is The Saturday at the moment threw in another year, this time 1979!! We will be in the swinging 60s soon!!

Also incase you’ve not heard, Rochelle and Marvin are presenting ‘This Morning’ on Friday 23rd August. This is the same day as the girls show in Scarborough (250miles away from London) – Rochelle has said she WILL be at the show, as will we! 🙂

Last, but never least, we hope we will see some of your down at Bluewater THIS SATURDAY, for the girls first show in August. We’ve kindly now got a Meet & Greet with the group, but we would love to see more of you down there too. Tickets are (widely) available for the new venue in Kent, so pop over to Ticketmaster and grab yourselves a ticket now! 🙂 This is a full concert everyone, with support acts too (Only The Young and James Graham)

Chasing The Saturdays Cancelled

Those hoping for Season 2 of Chasing The Saturdays, might have to wait longer, its being reported today that the show has been cancelled by E! Reports suggest that viewing figures dropped below 100,000 and that the show was ‘too nice’. Sad news for those who liked the show, where as other people reading this might not be too surprised by this. Hopefully the girls will go back to the USA but try a more traditional route and do tons of promo across radio! (It does work, look at Little Mix, Olly Murs etc. Just needs a bit of planning and travelling!) So fingers crossed for the US fans that they come back soon 🙂

In current news, the girls are currently in France, doing a bit of promo there for ‘What About Us’ if you are a french visitor and have news/media/clips (anything really) then please send to us and we will add it as news (and credit you!) as its impossible for us to keep up to date with EVERYTHING that is going on across the world!

Apparently Frankie doesn’t want to be a ‘fat bride’ – take of that what you will – and the girls performed at the Sony Radio Music Awards the other night, hopefully will get some pictures of of that soon. In baby talk Una has been talking about Ben ‘can’t wait to get me pregnant again’ – maybe we need to rename the Site now to The Saturdays Juniors!

The girls added another summer show yesterday, as they will be playing the Glow at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent on August 10th. We are going down there (as its local to us!) so hopefully see some of you down there. Tickets are on sale now from Ticketmaster, it’s a seated event so if you want a good seat then act now, there’s a good batch still available in the first few rows so be quick and snap those up! (We are in Block A!)


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