PJ Interview with Mollie

Seems Mollie had a press day on Tuesday, DigitalSpy are touting an interview which is going up today too but lets start with the PopJustice Interview.

You can read the entire thing on PJ but a few picks:

But obviously there is a part of me that’s nervous, because when you come out of a successful girlband—

Or The Saturdays…
SHUT UP! Anyway, when you’re in that situation you know there are eyes watching. I’m not silly, I know people in general are very quick to go “THIS IS A FLOP” and that you have to get the first single right. So I wanted to come out with something I genuinely thought was a great song. So that whatever the outcome, I could still be proud of it. But the responses yesterday seemed to suggest it was going down well.

PJ: When I saw you’d signed a solo deal I did wonder if it would be one of those things where a label chucks thirty grand at an artist and hopes for the best. But looking at the video it feels like Island are taking this quite seriously.

It’s hugely flattering that they wanted to sign me. I had an offer from Sony as well, so I was in a really fortunate position and I felt very lucky, but Island seemed so excited by it, and they didn’t have anything similar to me here. So it felt like I was helping them put a puzzle together.

Was it a writing camp for Mollie, or was it a general thing?

It was part of a general thing — everyone was in there writing different things. Some sessions had writers in writing songs to pitch out, Kesha was there doing her album, I was there doing mine… I was working with people like James Newman, Taylor Parks who’s written loads for Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony, I was going in and out of studios working with people I’d never had the opportunity to work with in the past.

Mollie’s debut single Back To You is out at midnight tonight, the video is out tomorrow, we will be at TwitterHQ for its play with Mollie herself. If we can ask any questions we shall try!

Frankie Confronts

Our very own Frankie Bridge was trolled on social media, with some users branding her “fat” while she was pregnant with her first child.
So what drives someone to send abusive messages to strangers? She met someone who trolls people online to ask him.
She also spoke to a national magazine editor about “fat-shaming” articles, and to other victims of trolling about the impact the abuse they received has had.

If the embed link below isn’t working you can catch the full 15min video via the BBC Website

Vanessa goes solo, 2016 calendar dropped

Vanessa: “We’re testing the waters a bit and seeing what’s out there,”

Members still continue to deny that The Saturdays are over,  but today was the first sign that a reunion is a long way off. Vanessa has become the first member to release solo music, speaking to Schon Magazine:

“I don’t think being in The Saturdays has held me back, I’ve always been a fan of that type of music anyway. It’s just kind of perfect timing now because I feel like I’ve grown as an artist. If it wasn’t for all the experiences I had with the group I wouldn’t be in this place now, so I’m so really grateful for all of it.”

Vanessa has confirmed everything will heat up in 2016, but to tease fans a new song, ‘Relationship Goals’ has been posted online:

We’ve also had confirmation that The Saturdays 2016 calendar has been cancelled.

Think before you talk : Mollie opens up about those words

One for us all to think about, think about what you say before you actually say it!

Mollie King has revealed that it took her a long time to toughen up to hurtful comments.

The 27-year-old who is one fifth of girl band The Saturdays said that it can be difficult at times to not take negative comments to heart.

Speaking to the Evening Standard she said: “It has honestly taken a while to teach myself to toughen up because you can take it personally and I think you can get a bit lost in it all. It’s part of the job. It definitely is hurtful.”

She continued: “You just have to think with everything I do some people are going to like it and some are going to hate it, you can’t win them all. You’ve just got to go with what you feel.”

King – who is dating model David Gandy – is the current face of Magnum’s Pink & Black campaign and has helped build the ultimate Pink & Black experience which reflects the playful and sophisticated sides of people’s personalities.

Despite three of her fellow band mates, Una Foden, Frankie Bridge and Rochelle Humes being mothers, King insisted that they still know how to show off their playful sides on tour.

“Obviously with being mums it’s such a huge responsibility so they were very much wanting to speak to the babies, and their husbands bought them up as much as they could,” she said.

“But the girls still know how to let their hair down as well.”

She described being on tour as the “best part of her job” and revealed that she wouldn’t want to go solo as she would miss the “incredible feeling” of coming off of the stage and sharing the moment with the girls.

Source: Evening Standard

It’s a boy!


Una has revealed to Hello magazine and she and hubby Ben are expecting a baby boy this time around, plus The Saturdays aren’t splitting up anytime soon …

She told Hello! Magazine: ‘Ben was adamant from the moment we knew we’d conceived again that we were having a boy.

‘I was convinced I was carrying a girl, mainly because this pregnancy is so similar to last time.

‘I was actually a little bit taken aback when we found out we were going to have a son. But now I’m over the moon and can’t wait to meet our little boy.’

She also dismissed rumours The Saturdays are splitting up despite several of the band establishing careers outside the group.

She said: ‘If that was what we wanted, we would be honest about it and say so. ‘We’re always going to be The Saturdays. None of us wants the group to end. So while we’ll go off and do our own things, it will always be in conjunction with what The Saturdays have going on. We’re definitely not splitting up.’

The full interview is in the new issue of Hello! magazine, on sale now.

The Saturdays are working mums!

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More from South West Live the weekend just gone, must have been a press day or something! The girls have been chatting to DigitalSpy about being working parents!

“You just make it work, really. It’s the same as any other working mum,” Frankie Sandford, mother of 8-month-old son Parker, said.

“There’s a lot of juggling and there’s a lot of help from other people, but we’ve always been a family-orientated band, so we never feel like we have to choose between the two. We’re really lucky.”

The Saturdays also insisted that their kids will be “always around” when they go on tour later this year to support their greatest hits album.

Asked if they would encourage their children to go into fame, Humes – who has daughter Alaia-Mai with JLS star Marvin – said: “[They can do] whatever they want to do.

“They’re so young and it’s such an early stage, but whatever they want to do, we’ll support them in.”

Mollie speaks out about dyslexia

Here’s an interview that Mollie did for the Nth Degree Book Club talking about becoming a Dyslexia Action Ambassador. The interview has been kindly given to the site by Rosie, (@MarvelousMollie) can you please contact her if you want to use the Interview, and leave her tags intact. This interview isn’t widely available as it appears in an exclusive book that costs £80!
After reading, Rosie has also written a blog about the interview, and about the filming that we did – yes I am involved – at Dyslexia Action HQ last week, so please give that a read and if you can please donate to Mollie’s 2014 Birthday Book, we are amazing just £13 short of an increased target of £350! 100% of the money goes direct to Dyslexia Action. NthDegreeMollieKing_TheSatsCoUk


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