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‘What About Us’ performance on Jay Leno

Hey all! I can’t believe I’m actually posting a video from the group with ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ in the title. Momentous moment this!

Here is the first TV performance of ‘What About Us’ the girls performed the song on last nights Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Make sure you tell us what you thought of it, via our twitter account @TheSatsCoUk

Our media pages are being updated tonight, to include all the new promo that they’ve done in the US to date. I will update this post and tweet out when the updates have been made, this will make it easier for anyone to catch up with performances/interviews that they might have missed from their US promo of ‘What About Us’ 🙂

Una, Mollie, Globes and more!

Can you keep up with all this news? It’s like story after story! I’m taking a deep breathe and heading in!

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Firstly the girls performed ‘What About Us’ for the first time on TV last night on Jay Leno. The video will be on the site shortly when I get my HD copy. If you rummage around youtube and the like you will probably find it now, but our copy is coming soon, and hopefully in 1080i HD 🙂 Keep an eye on our Twitter @TheSatsCoUk for when its ready.

We also have the breaking news this morning that Una is a slob! Una has been speaking to WeLovePop (check out some pictures below)

”Now I’m a mum, when I’m at home I have no make up on, sick everywhere and I dress like a slob – it’s just tracksuit bottoms, hoodies and I wear my hair on top of my head. It’s totally different to when I’m at work and getting glammed up by a team of people.”

Mollie has given five suitcases, no not a typo, suitcases of clothes for the Hurricane Sandy victims. Again talking to WeLovePop, Mollie said:

“Everyone took about three or four cases and I took five. I got a huge fine. I gave everything I didn’t wear to the Hurricane Sandy appeal in New York, which meant I could fill the empty cases with new stuff on my return! Everyone wins!”

I’ve added some pictures below of the girls performing at the Golden Globes party and from WeLovePop magazine, we will no doubt have some HQs in the gallery soon 🙂

The girls hit the USA!

Happy New Year again to TeamSats! I hope you all had a lovely holiday period, today is the day a lot of people might have gone back to school/college/work – I know I have! I’ve taken the Christmas period to have a little break from the site, and am now back, fully recharged and ready to roll! It’s going to be a busy few weeks – and months ahead – so I hope you are as ready as I am!

First things first, the girls flew out to the US last weekend, ready for (what seems) to be a good couple of months promo out there. ‘What About Us’ was released to US iTunes just before the christmas holiday and hopefully the song will be sent to US radio soon as the girls start hitting (some pretty impressive) promo, of which a lot of it will be available to see in the UK, plus of course we will do our upmost to get the videos on the site, performances and Interviews should be pretty accessible, we will have an update on ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ for those who are asking in the next few days so keep an eye on that!

Confirmed TV appearances for the girls in the US so far include:

January 9th – Chelsea Lately (E!) UK visitors note this show also shows on E! UK at Midnight (for the first showing), so depending on schedule the girls will be on the UK on 10th/11th January, will confirm ASAP. We expect to have this video on the site by January 10th.

January 11th – Fashion Police (E!) UK visitors, I expect this to be on E! UK the day after so probably Saturday 12th. Again if all goes to plan we should have the video on the site by January 12th.

January 14th – Jay Leno (NBC) – this is the first TV performance anywhere of the new single ‘What About Us’!!  UK visitors sadly Jay Leno is no longer broadcasted in the UK, it used to be shown on MSNBC News Channel but I’m not sure if this is still broadcasted in the UK. We expect to have this video up on the site on January 15th in the morning.

Obviously ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ premieres on E! US on 20th January with the UK airing premiering in February. News on that availablity on the site is coming in the next few days.

I’ve added a few pictures of the girls below arriving at LA below, I’m sure HQ ones will appear in the gallery (along with other updates shortly 🙂 )

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