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What Are You Waiting For? – Listen Now!

It’s finally arrived everyone. This is the first single from the New Saturdays Greatest Hits – ‘Finest Selection’ – which is released on Monday 11th August. (See below for more information on this!)

This is the lead single – What Are You Waiting For? – released digitally on Sunday 10th August, produced by the pop powerhouses that is Xenomania (All Fired Up & Get Ready, Get Set) –

You can Pre-Order ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ NOW from iTunes! 
You can also order the SIGNED CD now from the Universal Store includes the MegaMix that you all love and a cover of ‘When Love Takes Over’ (David Guetta)
The video premières on Monday! Yes Monday!

The final tracklisting for the ‘Finest Hits’ album is below. Includes the new songs What Are You Waiting For?, 808 and Walking Through The Desert.

‘What About Us’ (feat Sean Paul)
‘Higher’ (feat Flo Rida)
‘All Fired Up’
‘What Are You Waiting For?’
‘Up’ (Single Mix)
‘Forever Is Over’ (Radio Edit)
‘Issues’ (Radio Mix)
‘Disco Love’
‘Missing You’
‘Work’ (Radio Mix)
‘Not Giving Up’ (Radio Mix)
’30 Days’
‘If This Is Love’ (Radio Edit)
‘Walking Through The Desert’
‘My Heart Takes Over’ (Radio Edit)
‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ (Radio Mix)


New Single Premiere, North East Live

We start with the main news that The Saturdays new single, What Are You Waiting For, is set to première at some point this week. We assume it will be either Radio 1 or Capital, but more news on that shortly.

The girls also started their summer shows for 2014, not many this year, but they opened up at North East Live at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light. I believe the girls did 7 songs (correct me if I’m wrong) I’ve added a few pictures of the girls looking very lovely and summery below – again I WILL get around to the Gallery (promise!)

The media have also been showing pictures of the girls on the beach filming their new video a few weeks back – we posted some pictures on the day – but again I’ve added them below.

Other breaking news today that will affect the new single from The Saturdays, is that from 6th July the UK official charts will also include streaming data. So if you listen to songs via Spotify, Deezer, Napster, O2 Tracks, Xbox Music, Sony’s Music Unlimited or rara, for every 100 plays of the song, an additional sale will be added to song. So as well as buying the song, now is a great time to use Spotify (it’s free!) and listen to the song to increase those numbers! 

What Are You Waiting For?


Did anyone say new single? ‘What Are You Waiting For’ will be premièring shortly and the news is starting to ramp up! Plus I’m playing catchup from everything I missed at the weekend.

The girls chat about the new single in this weeks flip. ‘What Are You Waiting For‘ is produced by the powerhouse that is Xenomania (All Fired Up, Get Ready, Get Set – need I say anymore?). If that doesn’t get you excited for this, then nothing will. I know there are clips of the song all over the Internet, we’ve had one since we posted the pictures a few weeks ago – sorry all! But thought it was best interest to keep it under wraps. Before judging it wait until it premiere’s (p.s. no we’ve not heard it!)

Lots of Interviews are sprouting up from last weeks media session, I’ll pick out the interesting bits, but please read the full interviews by hitting on the links!

In the Interview with Hit The Floor, Mollie talks about the upcoming tour and greatest hits, as always the best questions come from the fans. Key in this is that there is only expected to be ONE single from the Greatest Hits, and that (sadly) there are no plans to record the upcoming tour.

Vanessa answers some of your questions too over with an Interview with The Sprout

In the girls interview with OK Magazine, Una tells us she spends all her spare time with Aoife-Belle. Look out for our competition to win the exclusive OK Magazine with the girls on the front cover, which is only available from H Samuel stores (with a voucher!)

Mollie also attended a Esquire & DKNY MEN opening party on Sunday. I know I keep saying this but I will get around to updating the gallery and add pictures from these events! 

Finest Selection : The Greatest Hits

Hey all! Hope your Monday is doing great. Just catching up with the weekend news.

Firstly, the Greatest Hits now has a title. ‘Finest Selection : The Greatest Hits‘ will be released at the start of August! A Greatest Hits Megamix video is due to be added to VEVO today, as soon as it is I’ll add it up here.

Secondly, as we revealed – but not many seemed to take notice – a few weeks back, the lead single from Finest Selection : The Greatest Hits, is called ‘What Are You Waiting For‘ which is set to premiere in the next few coming weeks – more details on that shortly!

On Saturday we attended the signing at H Samuel at Westfield London, as always the girls where in fine form! Signing and greeting the 250+ fans who managed to grab a wristband! We also had a private meeting with Mollie to hand over her birthday book and your charity money – £550!! – the meet was filmed for a forthcoming flip video and I’m awaiting pictures from the girls management. As soon as I have these I will post up what happened.

I will say that Mollie was totally taken back – as I was – with your generosity, getting £550 was an awesome achievement by the community, so thanks to every single one of you who donated! As I said more on this shortly 🙂

Not Giving Up – Out Now!!



The BRAND NEW single from The Saturdays is OUT NOW! Collect your pre-orders on iTunes now – you will have received an e-mail – or if you haven’t bought it, why not? Head over to iTunes now to buy your copy, the single alone is just 59p!!

iTunes Single (59p)
iTunes EP (£1.99)
Signed CD (£2.99)

After the exciting news of the forthcoming Greatest Hits tour, lets get the final single from Living For The Weekend, up to the top of the charts!!

Chat updates will occur throughout the week, so keep up to date by following us on Twitter @TheSatsCoUk

Marie Curie, Vote Mollie, Not Giving Up reduced

Firstly we start off with the news that our girls have got behind this years Marie Curie’s Daffodil Appeal! As you know the girls are long-term supporters of this great cause! You can catch this years appeal video below:


Magazine Revel is asking people to vote for their favourite blonde (amongst others) and Mollie is in the list, so you know what to do TeamSats! 

As you know Not Giving Up is out in under two weeks, and it seems the single mix has had a bit of a price-reduction on iTunes. You can now grab the single mix of the single for just 59p (It was 99p originally) so now its an even better bargain! So make sure you grab a copy, I mean it’s only 59p!

Vanessa envy, Mollie parties and more!

Hey all! It’s Monday and Not Giving Up is released in under 2 weeks, but a little more on that later.

Firstly we start with Vanessa, and how she felt envious about other members of the group!

Vanessa White admits she used to be jealous of the other Saturdays.

The singer, who was just 17 when the group got signed, struggled with her self-esteem when she started to gain a bit of weight in the band’s early days.

‘People nicknamed me “the Fat Saturday”,’ says Vanessa, 24.

‘We’d be driving round the country all the time doing promo and were always eating McDonald’s.

‘I went from being a tiny size 6, doing dance classes and gymnastics at school, to eating junk food.

‘I was never huge – the biggest I got was a size 10 – but, because I’m only 5ft 1in, I looked bigger.

‘Being labelled “fat” just made me even more shy.’

Vanessa felt even worse when she compared herself to her bandmates.

‘I envied the other girls so much,’ she tells Fabulous Magazine.

‘I’d see how confident Rochelle [Humes] was, and the way Frankie [Sandford], Una [Healy] and Mollie [King] could eat anything and stay super thin.

‘I used to look at them and think they were so sorted – particularly Rochelle and Una. They were always so sure of themselves.

‘It’s just taken me that little bit longer.’

Via Now Magazine

Next up, Mollie was out and about in London town on Saturday night, not much else to say but I’ve added a few pictures of Mollie at the end of this article for your viewing pleasure.

Now to move onto the new single, Not Giving Up, unless you have been hiding under a rock the last few weeks you will know that it’s out in under 2 weeks now. You will also now that the song is (still) the only single to date that Radio 1 haven’t play listed. Which in itself isn’t too bad, I mean songs have done well without the support of Radio 1, but it does mean we are all going to have to work that little bit more.

As the week goes on we should get information about TV and Radio airplay, although (sadly) I’m not expecting much.
It might also worry some people that Little Mix (with the Sport Relief Charity Single) wobbled around the lower end of iTunes all week last week, and Pixie Lott did tons of promo and only just managed a Top 10. Traditional Pop is (seemingly) taking a bit of a hit right now sadly.

Promo details are still very sparse,  we do know the girls are on Lorraine, on Friday 4th April, the TV guide doesn’t mention performance, it just says the girls are there to chat about Not Giving Up, and maybe more exciting to some, the tour. More TV should appear soon, or hopefully an announcement will be soon. As soon as we hear anything else we will tweet it out!
As for the tour, I do expect a tour announcement soon (hopefully before the 4th, I assume April 4th might be the on-sale date, or maybe on the Saturday 5th), I also expect to be taking place in September/October (as I’ve also mentioned in the past). Theatres/Arenas/Combination, honestly have no idea. I know September doesn’t sit well with a lot of people due to University, and it’s a busy month for a lot of TeamSats members who will be starting Uni, but lets see and wait for confirmation!

Hopefully all will become clearer over the next 12 or so days. But it seems, a bit like the other ‘fan single’, Work, this is going to be a tough one (but I do hope I’m wrong!!)

Bigger – Premiere

We’ve had to wait a little longer, but here is the b-side to the brand new single, Not Giving Up, released 6th April!

The premiere has come via a Daily Mail article about the girls recording for the potential 5th album.