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Sats In The City

Hello from a snowy London, well I believe it’s snowing everywhere, and its very bad in South Wales, so take care!

Yesterday our favourite girls took on the mighty Big Apple – yes New York City – where they performed a sell out concert at the Highline Ballroom – and met fans at the NBC Store, plus also paid MTV a visit cos well why not?

I’ve added a few pictures of the girls performance and NBC signing below for you to view, we will no doubt have them in lovely HQ to view in the gallery soon.

The girls also popped into MTV and spoke about the Destiny Child’s reunion:

And, that notion has U.K. girl group The Saturdays quite hyped. So, how stoked are they for the DC girls to get back together? “I’m so excited. I’ve heard a tiny little clip and I love it. I’m hoping it’s not just for one single, which I heard it is,” Saturdays member Rochelle Humes told MTV News on Wednesday when they stopped by the newsroom ahead of the Sunday premiere of their E! reality show, “Chasing The Saturdays,” on January 20.

Gotta laugh, seems the girls song with Rodney Jerkins will feature the trademark ‘darkchild’ in the song (If you don’t know what I mean listen to Say My Name by Destiny’s Child, or Telephone (nearer the end) by GaGa/Beyonce)

What makes the DC news even more exhilarating is the fact that the ladies of the Saturdays are only one degree of separation away from knowing Queen B, Michelle and Kelly. “And it’s really cool because we actually worked with Rodney Jerkins on a track recently,” Una Healy revealed. “And I always remember in ‘Say My Name’ that Darkchild [shout out]. We actually got him to go in and put it down. He says, ‘I’m not sure if I’ll keep it in or not,’ and we’re like ‘Oh gosh!’ cause I remember growing up listening to that song.”

The girls continue their US Takeover

It’s all go go go in @TheSaturdays world now. The girls flew from LA to New York over the weekend, although Mollie ended up back in the UK for just under 2 days – no no she didn’t get the wrong flight, she attended a family wedding. She is now flying back to the US as the girls perform their first show in The Big Apple – New York City – this weekend as they start from the ground up in making their name in the mighty United States!

Una’s little one Aoife made her way back to the UK over the weekend and Una is making the trip back herself after their gig in NYC this week, so those who where worried the girls wouldn’t be back that often don’t need to panic as they keep popping back!

As most people know the girls performed their new single ‘What About Us’ at the Perez Hilton VMA aftershow party on Thursday, lots of clips have appeared online but with Universal Music removing them left, right and centre I’ve decided not to post anything up here. If you want to see the clips have a look around online I’m sure you will find it. Either way it can’t be that long – even if the actual release is in January – until we hear it probably as they will have to serve it to US Radio within the next 6 weeks or so?!

We will start going though everyone who contacted us regarding helping with the US stuff. It is important that we have a few people from the US lending a hand, what with time differences and other factors there is a chance we could miss something on TV or Radio etc. We hope to bring the best we can to our US visitors. For starters if you hover over home at the top of the page we now have a dedicated page for US News and events, more refinements are coming as we go on so keep an eye open 🙂

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