Pictures from new music video!

Today The Saturdays are shooting the video for their new video, in Rhodes, Greece. We aren’t there sadly, still stuck in showery South London, but we have been sent in pictures from the video shoot.

We cannot confirm the song title, but the person who e-mailed us has informed us that the video is being shot in the First Choice Village resort in Rhodes, and the scenes below are shot in the swimming pool of the deluxe area of the resort. Yes I said swimming pool. The words ‘What Are You Waiting For’ appear within the song (Title?).


Hey all, hope you are all well. Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been a bit bogged down with work, plus it’s all gone a little quiet since the music video premiere, but seemingly a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ stuff is going on.

Firstly I’ll start with a debate that occurred over the weekend, regarding the tour. Apparently the tour has been loaded into the computer systems, so expect an announcement shortly, but rumours are rife that it’s a Theatre Tour due to take place in September, but others are saying that’s a load of rubbish, so rather to wade head first into the debate, lets not just wait and see? Just remember not all theatres are small, the girls stage for the All Fired Up Tour was recently used at the Hammersmith Apollo for The Big Reunion concert, but alas not all theatres are built alike!

Una on twitter yesterday was mentioned by one of the producers with the production team the Tracklacers (Promise Me, Wish I Didn’t Know) and today Rochelle has talked about ‘Studio Times’ so maybe a new album – or the expected Greatest Hits Package – is in early production stages.

The music video for ‘Not Giving Up’ has been on youtube for a week now, and has over 700,000 views to date, not a bad start! Now if 10% of those people buy the single …

More from the Summertime Ball

As there seems to be some demand for this on Twitter, here are my videos of the girls performing at the Summertime Ball. These where recorded by me, so please don’t use them elsewhere, or download them and put them on your own sites etc. Feel free to embed them or just share via youtube 🙂

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Saturdays hit recording studio ..(With Demi?)

The girls hit the recording studio with big-time producer Rodney Jerkins yesterday, Mollie even Instagramed a few pictures!

Exciting times, Frankie even hinting that this recording is for the second single, as she tweeted:

“Seriously sats aren’t messing around in 2013! Next single….”

Update: Reports are coming in that Demi Lovato was also in the studio at the same time. From what I can gather so far reports suggest that she was ‘laying down vocals with The Saturdays’ does that mean she’s co-written a song for the girls, or was she mearly just in the same recording studio complex recording songs for her own project? Let the rumours intensify!

It’s all very exciting, isn’t it? Also for the US fans it gets more exciting, the girls appear on YOUR TV tonight! The girls are on E! News at 11.30pm ET/PT which for those in the UK would mean it should air tomorrow. E! News airs at 8am, 9am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 11pm so plenty of chances in the UK to view it. We’ll have it on the site tomorrow for those without E! or those living outside the US and UK.

Sources Mollie Twitter & Frankie Twitter

News Roundup – 18th October 2012

Hi TeamSats! Sorry for the lack of updates recently I’ve had a University exam this week so have been preparing for that, and actually sitting it! Fingers crossed it all went well, should have the result in a couple of months.

I would have love to have come back to a wealth of news, but sadly (unless I’ve missed something) its all quiet. The girls are still in LA recording their new album and are preparing for their first headline show in the US on the 30th October at the Roxy Theatre!

The girls favourite UK media source, the Daily Mail, has seemingly been doing their usual of posting pictures and attempting to create news to go with it, I’ve posted a few of the pictures that they’ve posted up below. I think its fair to say that the girls are looking good and enjoying the weather over in LA!

Also, just in case you’ve not noticed, you can now catch Ego on Lyroke! My top score is a rather pathetic 110,000 so I’m sure you can beat that!!

The girls leaving the recording studio – 9th October 2012

Here are some pictures of the girls looking lovely as they left the recording studio yesterday in LA. The girls tweeted that they are again recording at Diane Warren’s recording studios in LA. Be very interesting to see what the girls are coming up with!

By looking at the pictures either Frankie and Rochelle are very hot (as in temperature) or Vanessa is just missing the UK by wrapping up warm!

Mollie & Rochelle enjoy Beverly Hills

Looking lovely Rochelle Humes & Mollie King have been spotted walking around the streets of Beverly Hills taking in the culture of the area. You can read the full article in the Daily Mail but I’ve posted a few pictures below.

The Saturdays bandmates Mollie King and Rochelle Wiseman embraced the culture of being in Beverly Hills – hitting up the salon and sipping caffeine fixes and smoothies.

The sassy pair were spotted out and about in Los Angeles on Monday while taking a welcome break from recording at the studio.

After some window shopping in the upscale boutiques of Beverly Hills, the songbirds headed to Beverly Hills Nail Design to have a little girl time and get their nails done.

Source: DailyMail

You gotta work, work!

Our lovely ladies are still in LA, working hard! The girls are contiuing to record their album in sunnier climbs. The girls are continuing to record with Diane Warren and The Jam yesterday on new material for their forthcoming release. Here’s a few pictures from the Daily Mail.

For those who haven’t noticed our gallery had a huge update over the last few days – we had a few notification issues with the updates – but that should be resolved now. All updates are tweeted out, so make sure you follow us on twitter for the latest picture updates too!

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