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Seems @TheSaturdays are really pushing the boat out with TV promo this time around ….. or maybe not, apart from what everyone already knew they’ve confirmed just another 2 TV slots for the week the single is out … so to recap …

Keith Lemon’s Lemonaid – ITV1 – 12th May – 6.15pm
Sunday Brunch – Channel 4 – 13th May – 10.00am
This Morning – ITV1 – 14th May – 10.30am
Daybreak – ITV1 – 18th May – 6.00am

Don’t get me wrong there isn’t many programs for pop acts to go on these days but just two TV shows the week the single is out?! Let’s hope they got a bit more radio planned or something as well ….  talking Radio don’t miss the epic Interview Mollie & Frankie gave to Radio 1 this morning in the post below 🙂

Behind The Headlines & TV Promo (Yes ….)

This weeks @TheSaturdays Behind The Headlines sees the girls getting all Glitzy and Glamourous (which they are already lets be honest!) as they get ready for the Glamour Award. As usual you can view the flip on their official site at

In other news it seems the promotion for Notorious might be occurring now, two shows show up on my TV Guide (as it doesn’t go out further than two weeks, so hopefully more are coming the week the physical is out in stores …..)

24th June – Friday Download – CBBC Channel – 5.30pm
24th June – The Graham Norton Show – BBC1 – 10.35pm

If you missed it the tour dates for December appeared last night, the ‘All Fired Up’ Arena Tour  you can view them here

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