Want that new iPhone 5C/S, why not meet the girls too?

Although not mentioned in the press-release, so ‘coincidentally’ on the same day the new Apple iPhone 5S and 5C is released, Una, Vanessa and Rochelle are at a phone shop! So if you are off tomorrow, or are really wanting that iPhone you can pop down to Phones 4u in Oxford Street (399/405), London and meet the girls for a photo opportunity at 9.30am. From the press-release:

The glamorous girls of pop will be making Friday the new Saturday by upgrading people’s day and giving customers a completely new and exclusive smartphone shopping experience, for one day only. If you want to upgrade your Friday and capture The Saturdays stars in store, as well as have the chance to get your hands on some exclusive free gifts, join us at the Phones 4u Oxford Street store for 9:00 on Friday 20th September 2013.

Not sure you can get a FREE iPhone from it, but hey its worth asking isn’t it? 😉

*Please note that any reference to the iPhone was added by me, (sadly) we aren’t being paid to mention it. Other smartphones are available.

More appearances, in London, Mollie is at London Fashion Weekend, where she will be alongside her new partners-in-crime Maybelline. Mollie is down there tomorrow and Saturday where she will be sharing her beauty tips, and you can pick up a ‘signed’ version of her new lipstick. I will be going down there (apparently!) on Saturday morning, so if any of you are also going down, please say hi. We won’t be around for long as I have additional birthday plans! I’ve added some pictures below.


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