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Happy Tuesday all! First news that was announced last night that the UK version of the ‘What About Us’ video with Sean Paul will premiere at midnight on Wednesday on VEVO (where else) so we’ll have that up on the site as soon as its available!

The girls have had an interview with The Sun, its pretty long so I suggest you read the full interview on their site, but to summerise:

The girls talk about Jennifer Lopez and her bottom:

Gorgeous Mollie, recalling their encounter with J-Lo, revealed: “It was surreal. We saw her coming out of the lift. I missed her face but saw her bottom.

“I asked Una, ‘What was her face like? How much make-up was she wearing?’ Una said, ‘I don’t know, I just couldn’t stop staring at the bottom’.

“We were like dudes checking her out. We were rabbiting away then she came out of the lift and we all went silent. I’ve never heard us so quiet.”

Bandmate Una agreed: “As she walked away you were completely drawn to her bottom.”

Frankie also talks about One Direction:

Frankie said: “We love One Direction but they are like little brothers. You see girls screaming at them and it feels a bit weird. I think we’re a little bit old for them.”

They admit there are drawbacks when you hit the level of global fame achieved by their One Direction pal Harry Styles, whose relationship with US superstar Taylor Swift was headline news.

Frankie said: “We knew every step of their relationship, every holiday they went on. That put pressure on them.

“When you are that age you do have relationships that don’t last, a month is a big romance.

“But I thought, ‘Good for them, they are having fun and enjoying it’.

You can read the full interview on The Sun website, but talking about One Direction …

In other (sad) news Marvin has revealed that he will be spending Valentines Day alone as Rochelle (and the others) are due to fly out to LA:

“My wife’s going to be away in Los Angeles, so this year I’ll be definitely spending Valentine’s Day alone.”

Those who are awaiting Una and Ben on Who Wants To Be A Millionare (a few have asked on twitter) it will be on the site tonight, I’ll tweet/facebook an update when its available to make sure you follow us – check the ‘social’ tab at the top of the site 🙂

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