First Festive Show Confirmed

Hey all! It’s Monday again, and its my birthday week, again …

Anyway, we start the day with the news that our girls are playing the First Direct Arena, Leeds on 1st December. No sadly its not the first date of their new arena tour, it’s part of the 96.3 Radio Aire Christmas Xmas Party Live.

The event is scheduled for 1st December (Which is a Sunday!) Tickets cost between £41-£30. Other acts so far confirmed Example, The Vamps, Eliza Dolittle and seemingly the girls new long-term support act Conor Maynard.

Hopefully this is the first of a few shows over Xmas, hopefully they will get slots at the big shows in London and Manchester too, be a nice little album promo before the Xmas sales rush!

Apart from that not much else going on, lots of stories about Rochelle’s little accident, but all is well there. Mollie has been at her second home, London Fashion Week, and probably no doubt dancing around her house to the new Britney Spears song that dropped yesterday, and Frankie is still pregnant!

There is also rumours going around that the girls are (again) being lined up for an X-Factor performance. I know after last time (which it didn’t happen, they where seemingly bumped off for Rihanna) a few of us are skeptical. Let’s just wait and see shall we.

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