Happy Birthday to us … 3 today!

Whilst @TheSaturdays sun it up in LA (and obviously do a bit of work too) today marks our birthday. We are actually three years old today. This very website officially launched on 7th April 2008 – months before their official website thanks to our rather amazing S Club 8 community at the time.

I’m the sole member of the original team that opened the site way back in 2008, but the current team of Marit, Claire and MJ make the site what it is today, so I’m sure you will join me in thanking them for all their hard work!

We also extend our thanks and love out to The Saturdays community. Without you guys and girls coming back here to visit us, check out the media, news, pictures and saying hi to us on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc. we wouldn’t be here today.

We will also say thanks to the girls theirselves, I’m sure a few of them will read this, their management and their record label who have been kind and generous to us over the years – and long may that continue.

Thank you one and all, and lets hope for another successful 3 years or so! 🙂

The Saturdays Fansite Team

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