Mollie’s Birthday Book, Una wins The Voice and more

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Just a quick update about Mollie’s birthday book! To help raise additional funds I am personally selling a signed copy of the girls US EP ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ on eBay. 100% of the money is going to this years chosen charity The British Heart Foundation. Please give it a look on eBay and bid if you can!

Last night Una’s act Patrick Donoghue was crowned the winner of The Voice of Ireland! So congrats to Una and Patrick for their fine win. The winners single is on iTunes Ireland now! Una has also expressed her interest in returning to the show for the next series!

Here’s Mollie and more Magnum …

Think before you talk : Mollie opens up about those words

One for us all to think about, think about what you say before you actually say it!

Mollie King has revealed that it took her a long time to toughen up to hurtful comments.

The 27-year-old who is one fifth of girl band The Saturdays said that it can be difficult at times to not take negative comments to heart.

Speaking to the Evening Standard she said: “It has honestly taken a while to teach myself to toughen up because you can take it personally and I think you can get a bit lost in it all. It’s part of the job. It definitely is hurtful.”

She continued: “You just have to think with everything I do some people are going to like it and some are going to hate it, you can’t win them all. You’ve just got to go with what you feel.”

King – who is dating model David Gandy – is the current face of Magnum’s Pink & Black campaign and has helped build the ultimate Pink & Black experience which reflects the playful and sophisticated sides of people’s personalities.

Despite three of her fellow band mates, Una Foden, Frankie Bridge and Rochelle Humes being mothers, King insisted that they still know how to show off their playful sides on tour.

“Obviously with being mums it’s such a huge responsibility so they were very much wanting to speak to the babies, and their husbands bought them up as much as they could,” she said.

“But the girls still know how to let their hair down as well.”

She described being on tour as the “best part of her job” and revealed that she wouldn’t want to go solo as she would miss the “incredible feeling” of coming off of the stage and sharing the moment with the girls.

Source: Evening Standard

Mollie attends Louis Vuitton art launch

Mollie is out and about again! This time at the unveiling of Louis Vuitton’s latest Curated Shelf at the brand’s flagship Bond Street store in London on Thursday.

Mollie was dressed head-to-toe in the luxury fashion house’s clothing as she mingled with the elite crowd celebrating contemporary artist Blaise Drummond’s fresh take on the project.

The Curated Shelf, which was launched in 2010 and endeavours to close the gap between art and fashion by encouraging artists to share their portfolio of work at Louis Vuitton’s Bond Street Maison.

Blaise Drummond is the latest modern artist to be honoured at the London address, which has previously played host to luminaries Tracey Emin, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Juergen Teller and David Bowie.

Mollie also talks to Grazia magazine about going to the Gym and David Gandy (of course!)

The news according to us …   Recently updated !

TheSatsCoUk-230415-06 Hi all,
Again sorry for the lack of updates recently, to recap on everything will probably take me months so I’m going to recap (very briefly) here, if I missed anything then I’m sorry but normal service resumes from this day forward!

In our absence (not too surprisingly) the future of the group hasn’t been confirmed, but noises are being made:

Una has spoken about how she can’t wait to release her solo music.  “I’ve always been a singer songwriter and I have been doing a good bit of writing lately,” she said.
The TV star is working on her own “country pop” songs that will be distinctively different from the dance tunes of The Saturdays. “I have always wanted to do my own original music, that’s the dream. My own style would probably be more country pop, sort of acoustic, a bit different to The Saturdays,”

The same article makes (another) reference that any group music won’t be happening until at least 2016.

Mollie, despite a whole bunch of rumours, has spoken to the metro saying that she has NO plans to go solo, but is concentrating on Fashion! The article also again confirms it will be 2016 before we get any more group music.
‘Next year we will be going into the studio so watch this space,’ she teased. Adding: ‘We each love having our own separate projects on the side of the band – at the moment my focus is fashion.’

We all know that Rochelle is currently presenting Ninja Warror UK among other things but Vanessa has spoken out saying she wouldn’t mind dipping her toes into presenting too! 

I know I’ve missed a ton of stuff, but rather than playing total catchup, I will start fresh from this point. Expect a gallery update in the near future, along with various other tweaks to the site now that we’ve moved to our new hosting and a seemingly quieter year ahead!

Mollie is the face of Magnum …

… yes seriously!

Mollie is involved in the promotion of the new Pink & Black Magnums, just in time for this warm weather in the UK (and the snow forecast for next week …!)

Mollie King embraced her girly side by donning a playful pink dress to attend the Magnum Pink & Black launch party at The Institute Of Contemporary Art in London on Wednesday night.

The star, who is dating male model David Gandy, might look like she doesn’t need to watch her weight, but admits she gets insecure about her body just like everyone else.

While Mollie isn’t a massive fan of exercising, she says she ups her workout regime as soon as Spring arrives.

‘I have a moment like anyone else when the sun comes out and you think you have to be in a bikini in a couple of weeks’, Mollie told MailOnline in an exclusive interview.

‘I think I’d better get down the gym and so some squats and some sit-ups.

‘I need a trainer to get me focused as normally I am on my own, and instead of working out, I’m just sitting there on my phone rather than doing any exercise.’


Una & Patrick give us Issues!

Hi all,
Just a quick update to say I plan a major update soon, I’m just bogged down with my last year of Uni work, its very project/essay based and its eating up a lot of my time! So bare with me, this site isn’t forgotten about, I just need to get this submitted over the next 48 hours!

Whilst you wait here’s Una and her Voice of Ireland finalist Patrick Donoghue flexing their vocals!

Happy Birthday – to us! Seven today!

Another year goes by us, and that only means one thing, this site is celebrating its seventh birthday today! 7th April 2008 we finally went publicly live to the world, and to be fair its some feat and achievement that we are still here seven years later. (Well I think it is anyway!)

As always a shout out to everyone who has worked on the site over the years, there have been many, as I always say no matter how big or small, you all worked towards what the site has become, so I thank you all personally.

The next important people are obviously Mollie, Una, Vanessa, Frankie & Rochelle, the team at Fascination and Universal Music respectively. Without the support of the girls, their management and record label over the years we would have been unable to bring you what we have managed to do so, thank you for everything!

We would like to extended our thanks to companies who have allowed us to run competitions over the years and give away freebies to our fans! Without your support it would have cost a lot more, and maybe no competitions would have been able to have worked – from official calendars to tour meet & greets!

Finally the most important is the visitors, there are probably less of you this year visiting us on our 7th year than in years gone by, but I know some of you reading this have been here since Day 1! If you are one than really thank you, without you guys and girls visiting on a daily/weekly/monthly (whatever time frame!) basis, it wouldn’t be worth our efforts updating! So thank you! Even if this is your first visit, welcome, and thank you too!

I usually end these messages with a thought for the upcoming 12 months. Last year was difficult, but we had a tour and album coming out. This year, I would like to give some major group positive news but as we all know both Una and Mollie have said the girls are working on their own solo projects this year, so we might have some music .. but not from the group .. but who really knows right now? You can still donate and get involved in Mollie’s Birthday Book! Plus on a personal note, myself and Rosie are running 10k (6.2miles) in July for the Dyspraxia Foundation at the Great London Run, if you have a spare donation then we would be very thankful!

Either way we plan not to go anywhere, as you have read, we have ‘downsized’ the server we are on now, as we plan to stay but probably don’t need to be spending $50 a month (Yes … thats not a lie!) so now my wallet is thankful for the move, but we are fully expecting to spend the next 12 months updating, just even if the updates are on a less regular basis.

Please follow us on Twitter @TheSatsCoUk and Facebook for social media updates, which could be more regular than the website, but anything major and breaking will be posted here. The personal aim for me is to try and get at least 2-3 updates a week posted, but will depend on how quiet everything is! I like yourselves are hoping for an explosion of news and updates in the near future!

Thanks for the support!

Matt xx

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