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This is my first blog to you all so going to start with a quick update on how the tour is going so far. We left London on Friday at 7am and drove to hollyhead to catch a Ferry to Dublin and from there drove to Belfast… total of 11 hours travel! We had 3 great gigs in Belfast, I was so nervous for the 1st gig because I have never performed in front of thousands of people in all my life so I was shaking but adrenaline is always a good thing! On the first night we met two of the members of girls aloud… Cheryl and Kimberly, they came into our dressing room and had a nice chat with us and told us how nervous they used to feel, its was really reassuring, they were really lovely and encouraging to us. We got to watch their show after and it was spectacular! Hopefully one day we will get to do a show like theirs, but not without fans, as without fans it wouldn’t be possible, so we NEED you! We really appreciate everyone who posts comments on our forums.

I am writing this from my hotel room in Glasgow, we arrived here today by Ferry from Belfast. It is a really beautiful City

I am sharing a room with Vanessa, we just ordered hot chocolate and are about to fall asleep but I look forward to getting to know all of you and will be back here really soon to update you with what we are up to.

Una xx

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