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Its our second stay in Glasgow, but tonight was our first performance here!! Its kind of scary performing to a new crowd because you don’t know what the reaction may be! But it has to be said the Scotts didn’t let us down!!

Before we went on stage we had a catch up with Nadine from G/A discussing nerves and more importantly outfits haha!!!! I have to say the girls certainly pull out all of the stops when it comes to costumes!! Also there entrance onto stage is AMAZING!!!!! So if your coming to watch the show your in for a treat!! You’ll get yourself a double wammy, Girls Aloud and The Saturdays!!

The only down fall on this tour so far is the food! Its sssoooooo good i can hardly fit into my dress!!! The desserts are way too tempting!

So i woke up at 7.45 today to do some running at the gym (well try to run) so, i made myself feel a bit better!!

If you haven’t been to Glasgow before then you should, its a really buzzing city and the shops are REALLY good!!

I have found my self lost at a check-out a few times already, its terrible because we’ve only just arrived!! i blame Vanessa she makes me buy everything! (although i do return the favour haha)

Its so much fun being away with four of your mates every night is like one big sleep over!! I bought goodies today so we might have a midnight feast haha (that’s if i can stay up)

I suppose your completely bored of me rambling on now aren’t you?!! So I’ll say goodnight to you all!!

But if you want a chat or want me to find out any gossip (I’m good at that) then you know where i am!!

Lots of love Roch!!


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