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Hope everyone is well. Weve just finished doing our second show in Glasgow and it was so much fun. I’m still buzzing! There was a lovely warmth about the crowd here which is always really nice!

Me and Una didnt hear our alarm this morning and missed breakfast. We literally ran down the stairs in our pjs with no makeup on and had to eat in like 5 minutes. I was actually still in my dream……what a sight!

Rochelle’s just come into mine and Una’s room and we’ve ordered room service which I am overly excited about. Its so nice to have your girls with you, we were just saying today how hard it must be if you were a solo artist because most of the time you’d have to go back to your hotel with no one but yourself. I would be soo bored and wouldn’t know what to do….o gosh im blabbing now sorry guys lol! Im just gonna quickly tell you about tomorrow and I’ll be done, promise! We’ve got to get up really early (I hope I make it) and then we’re travelling by car to Bournemouth. Its gonna be like an 8 hour drive!! I’m going to try and sleep there!

I’m signing out now, girls gotta get their beauty sleep lol!!

Nite xxx

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