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Yeyy so it’s my time to write the blog!! Hope you’re all well and enjoying our diary of the tour!! We’re having just the BEST time ever!! Every day i wake up and literally jump out of bed with excitement!!

So yesterday we had a 10 hour car journey, yes i repeat 10 HOURS, from Glasgow to Bournemouth!! Wowza!! It was full on, but of course us Saturdays made it fun fun fun and had lots of adventures!! I have to say though, i was trying to get the girls to join in with my VERY fun car journey games, and it wasn’t until the last hour that they actually gave in and played, woo!! 20 questions, writing songs, oh we had it all!!! Good times!! 🙂 …although they won’t admit it!! Haha!

Bournemouth is LOVELY!!!! Our hotel is right by the sea! Una, Frank and I went for a stroll this morning (feeling very touristy with our sunglasses on, oh yes!) and then had some lunch in the sunshine!! …Perfect!

We were all extra nervous about performing this evening because our super-cool choreographer Kate was coming to watch, so we really wanted to impress her and make her proud!! After having eaten slightly too much chocolate cake at dinner (oops!), i squeezed into my costume and got ready for SHOW TIME baby!! We banged out the moves though and the crowd were awesome!!

We’re now just back in the room chilling out and are about to head down to the beach for a little evening walk, so i better go!!!!

Hope you’re all well! Thanks for reading!!!

And as Usher says “Peace up, A-town down”! Hahaha!!!

Bye guys!!!!!


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  2. Your lifestyle is incredible but I am sure you feel very tired living like this. It is not easy to go on tours but the fans need you 🙂 I wish you all the best and hope that The Saturdays will stay on top for a long time.

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