Frankie Blogs – “Ciao Bella!”


Ciao Bella!

It’s Frankie again. Me, Una and Roch decided to go check out the pool this morning, do a few lengths to work off the tour belly. Unfortunately we only managed about 5 lengths! Ha. And to be honest after watching Roch’s warped version of synchronized swimming for 10 minutes id had enough! Lol. So we took the easy way out and chilled in the Jacuzzi- My idea of keeping fit!

Obviously all that hard work worked up an appetite so we popped out to grab a sandwich. It was so cold we had to do the typical English thing and sit in the car! Ha. you’d think we had enough of being cooped up in there, but it’s kind of become like our little home! Hahaha man we are cool!!

Now I don’t know about you guys, but computers and me don’t have a great

relationship! Lol I go on the Internet download my photos and that’s about it, but no no no…there’s a whole load of things you can do! One of Girls Aloud’s dancers was really sweet and totally updated my whole laptop!

Something I haven’t done since I got it a year ago, apparently it’s really important. I am such a girl! So I am currently writing from my new and improved super supped up MacBook! Haha Go me! Clearly this excites me as I felt the need to let you all know!

Anyways, back to the important stuff.

The performance in Sheffield tonight went really well. The crowd were awesome!

I tried out a different pair of shoes for this one and felt like I was wobbling all over the place! So back to the good old faithfuls with innersoles and heel grips! Pretty sure I’ve given you all a really hot image now. Me dancing around in granny shoes! Lol. Billiam stood at the side tonight to watch which was really sweet. The support acts are becoming a right little team.

I’m really starting to feel comfy on tour now. I never want it to end!

Everyone backstage has become like a Girls Aloud extended family. We get on really well with the dancers and especially the band they are always up for a laugh. And when they get the chance they come and watch us perform! The crew are always about making us laugh and do a great job at keeping us in check on stage. Don’t even get me started on catering! I’m pretty sure we’ve all put on a few pounds since being away. The food is so yummy! We are always first in the canteen and the last to leave. Not too sure if I should admit that! Haha. Oh well!

By the way if your one of the girls that stood up and danced the whole way through our show tonight, thank you. Hope you enjoyed yourself! You guys are awesome!

We left straight after the show to get to Birmingham and have just arrived at a lovely hotel. I managed to bag the single room, which is even better.

Whoop whoop!

Right I’ve got to go. Mollie and Una just came in with some noodles and edamame for me!!! Yuuuuumy! Fingers crossed there’s no maggots in these ones!

Speak soon


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