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Una here in Birmingham!

Hey everyone! Today we are on a day off here in Birmingham. But as we all have internet access free in our hotel rooms we have spent most of our time tapping away and responding e-mails and doing a lot of catching up with everything! BUT as per usual we managed to find our way to the “Bullring” which has a huge shopping centre. I had to buy a new pair of “dancing” shoes as I was finding the ones I perform in a little restricting because they were too high:( so I had to compromise fashion for comfort! I got a new pair that I could run a sprint in! haha! They are not bad either, I think I can pull them off?!! they are a safe black pair with a little strap and a medium heel. As you all know I am Irish, just got off the phone there to one of my friends, feel a little homesick now:( I haven’t been home to Ireland in 3 months! But I am so busy and time is flying by so sometimes I tend for forget how long it has been! Ok gotta go and have some room service dinner! (yum..not!!)


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