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What’s Hot In The Saturdays’ World!!!!

Mollie: Where do I start…

Well, firstly and foremost I have to say EDAMANE!!! Jeepers creepers these girls are obsessed!! And when I say obsessed, I mean obsessed!!! unfortunately for me, I am the only one who just really doesn’t get what the enjoyment is of sucking tiny beans out of a tube!! I didn’t even know what edamane was before we came on tour, but it feels like everywhere I look there’s an edamane bean tube!!! Believe it or not, Una and I even had to pay to get a taxi all the way to Wagamamas, pick up some edamane and bring it back to the hotel!!…Don’t worry I didn’t leave empty handed, I picked up a Yaki Soba (my fave) and we all snuggled up together eating in the hotel room!!

Next… Right the other day, I seriously felt like I was back in school!! I was sharing a room with Rochelle and I heard THE biggest gasp EVER, when I told her I didn’t moisturise my body everyday!!! Oh deary me!!…Not a good move!!! Next thing I know, Roch had laid out ALL her products (in order for me to use them) and said I was not to leave the bathroom until I had used each of them!!! Hehehe, you gotta love her!!! Man almighty, I was cleansing, toning, moisturing…you name it, I was onto it!!! BUT, the girl speaks sense (believe it or not, hehehe), when I used her Body Shop Coconut Body Butter, I actually fell in love!!!! It smelt soooooo good, and i felt sooo good after having putting it on!!! I later realised that ALL the girls loved it, and maybe it was me who was the weirdo after all!!!! Good work Rochy, you have taught me well!! 😉

On tour, we have sooo much travelling to do, which I absolutely LOVE, but it means that we are always quickly stopping in service stations to grab food on the run!!! We’ve been trying hard not to eat toooo much rubbish, so when we see one where there’s a Marks And Spencer’s it REALLY is like Christmas has come early!!!! Poor Tommy (our tour manager), he’ll be happily driving down the motorway, when all of a sudden he hears 5 girls calling out “M&S!!!!!”

Now… you’ve heard the phrase “caught red-handed”!!! What about brown-handed!?!?!…Well you will have done if you come into our dressing room!!! Each night before the show Una and I rub on the shimmer for our legs to give them a glossy look!!! I have to admit though, Una knows when to stop, me on the other hand, sometimes I am certain I can’t see any difference and then all of a sudden Frankie comes in the room and she’s like “Moll i really think you should stop!!!!!” Oooooops!!!! That’s what friends are for!! 😉 …And hey while I ‘m talking about getting ready for each show, every night Frankie has been doing my hair, so a BIG thank you to her!!! Love ya!

Finally… we all know Miss White likes to sing, hey!!! Well, she bought the Mariah Carey album, and when I say we haven’t heard the end of it, i mean LITERALLY!! We have heard that album over and over AND over again!!!… But, the funny thing is that I think we all know the words, and it’s not even from having heard the songs…it’s from Nessa singing them out when she’s got her ipod on!!! Yes, so we have like 5 hour long car journeys, listening to the live a capella version of Mariah’s album!!!!…Oh Ness I do love you, even if you are belting over my ipod!!!! Hehehe!!!! Everyone after 3…”touch my body, la la la…”

What a great life this is so far…..…!! We are so lucky!!!! xxxxx

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