Rochelle Blogs – “Roch – I’M BBAACCKKK!!!!!!!”


Roch – I’M BBAACCKKK!!!!!!!

Hey hey people!!!

I’m just in Glasgow! Deja-vu! We have just stopped over for the night! Because we have to travel from Newcastle to Aberdeen for
another show, so this means we get less time in the car!!

We had our last show in Newcastle tonight and I have to say, I’m a london girl and all, but the Geordies definately show their love!! I would say the best crowd yet ,so thanks for cheering if you were there, haha!!!

I’m sharing a room with Mollie tonight and we are being very girly!
Giving each other manicures and using face masks…my favourite!!
I have been teaching Mollie all sorts about beauty products and make- up; I’d say her wash bag will definately come back heavier after her recent purchases!!

I was thinking today we only 8 more shows left on this tour and then we are finished!! That’s such a sad thought! I have had so much fun I seriously don’t want it to end!! So I am making the most of it!!

Anyway guys, I’m going to keep this short and sweet, as I have just seen the time (12.30 am) and I have to be up early!!

Take care…as always if you want to know anything just ask!!


Peace!! xxxxxxxxxx

Taken from The Saturdays official Music Myspce page :
Check it out!

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