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Chart Positions And The 3rd Single!!

We are very sorry for the lack of updates over the past few weeks, but we’re all still here and are trying our best!

Ok so here are the latest chart positions for both the album (Chasing Lights) and single (Up):

The album got to #11 in its first week in the charts but this week it’s fallen to #21.

The single has been in the top 40 for 4 weeks now and is at #13! Well Done Girls!

It was also announced that the next single will be…’ISSUES’! Join our forum and let us know what you think of the song!

‘Up!’ Week 2!

This week ‘Up’ has fallen one place in the official singles chart. It is now at #6 which is still very good so Go The Saturdays! But it would be even better if they got back into the top 5, so if you haven’t got the single already then what are you waiting for? Go buy it!

Also the album is out as you can see from the previous post so buy that too!

C’mon everyone lets give The Saturdays the success they deserve!

Vanessa’s Favourites

Starbucks vs Café Nero
Starbucks, because I love the frappès!! Caramel is the best.

Singing vs Dancing
Singing all the way. It’s my life.

Outer space vs Ocean deep
Ocean deep. I’m not really sure what this means but I like the ocean!

Dogs vs Cats
Dogs. Only because I really want one!

Cowboys vs Indians
Yeeehaaaa! Cowboys. I would love to be a cowboy for the day!

Eastenders vs Coronation Street
Eastenders! Although I don’t really watch either to be honest…

Day vs Night
Night because that’s when Vanessa is more awake 🙂

North vs South
South. I’m not sure why it just seems to appeal more to me.

Quiet vs Loud
Loud because I can be very loud especially after sweets and a fizzy drink.

Good vs Bad
Bad because it’s a lot more fun, don’t you think?

Black vs White
Black. Love my LBD!!!

Long vs Short
Short simply because I am very short!

PC vs Mac
Mac…I have no idea about computers but macs look nicer

Blackberry vs iPhone
iPhone! I really really really want one!

Ant vs Dec
They both seem really nice!

Full fat vs Diet Coke
Full fat all the way! I love sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britain’s Got Talent vs X Factor
X Factor…. I haven’t actually watched Britain’s got talent, am I missing out?

Girls vs Boys
I love both girls and boys equally.

A new TV Apperance and a new blog!!

Big Brother’s Little Brother!

Make sure you tune into Big Brother’s Little Brother tomorrow night on E4 from 6pm.

The girls will be dropping by the studio to chat with Zezi and George about Dale, Nicole, Stuart and all the other housemates.

BLOG from VANESSA – 05.08.09

Hello hello hello! It’s VANESSA!!!!!

Hope everyone is good!!

Well this week we released our debut single IF THIS IS LOVE! We have been so so excited and it has charted at no.8!!! We are so happy we have made the Top 10 and the announcement on radio one was an amazing moment for us all. We have been waiting for so long and now the time has finally come!! So first of all I would like to thank everyone who has bought the single, we really appreciate it!! We’ve been working non stop for a while now and I love every minute of it. We just had Friday and Saturday off so I caught up with a bit of sleep, went shopping and had loads of fun!! Now I’m rejuvenated and ready to work hard again! We had a fab show on Sunday with Girls Aloud at Pop In The Park in Dorfold Park, Cheshire!!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been crazy busy with lots of TV and interviews. When we’re waiting around we all have a thing for watching random video clips on You Tube. It is hilarious!!! Right now were watching the PCDs….great to watch!

This Saturday 9th July we’re performing at Nightingales Club in Birmingham so that should be a lot of fun. Come down and check it out!!!

That is all the latest goss from me right now! Im going to love ya and leave ya for a lil bit!!

Take care ppl!!!



Just a quick note about The Saturdays on the radio! You might aready know that they have been B-listed on Radio 1 but they have recently been A-Listed on Capital FM!!!

Also the girls will be on the Switch with Nick Grimshaw this Sunday from 7pm on Radio 1.  Make sure you check them out!

Frankie Blogs – “The Latest From Frankie”


The Latest from Frankie

Wow guys we’ve been so busy!!! I am literally having the time of my life!!!
We’ve been all over the place on the radio tour. And even managed to fit in
an OK shoot!!!! Yes you heard me… Ok magazine! How cool is that?! So look
out for us. We had such a cool day. We felt like such celebs as Mollie would
say. Ha. Rochelle is beside herself with excitement because she reads OK
like a Bible! The clothes were amazing and we look so sophisticated. I’m so
not used to it. Ha ha. Felt all posh! I’m just on my way home from capital
radio. Yet again we feel like we’ve made it now!! Lol. We had so much
fun…. If any of you heard it I’m sure you could tell. I can’t believe we
were on there and live too! Lucio is awesome though. Such a lovely guy! You
should have seen us dancing around the studio. Lol. I pulled out my old man
dancing again… The guys love it I tell you! Also we found out we got put
up to the A list!!! We couldn’t believe it. We jumped on the guy that told
us and gave him a huge Saturdays hug. I cried too!!!! Which then made Una
cry. Such girls! I decided to get the train home tonight! Its so much
quicker…. Yes I’m crazy I gave up the luxury of a car to get the train!!!!
What’s wrong with me?!

Anyway this is my stop so I’m off

Love you
Frankie x x x x

P.s. Where has our summer weather gone?! Sad times! X

And just a quick note to remind you all that the single is out in 2 weeks from today on the 28th July, so don’t forget to get yourself a copy!!

Frankie Blogs – “A Word from Frankie”

Ok so the Girls Aloud tour is now finished and you’ll be seeing a lot more of the girls!!

Check out this blog from the official myspace…


A Word from Frankie

Hey guys!

It was so sad to finish the tour! We had such a good time, but all good things must come to an end! Except in The Saturdays world! Lol. Cheesy…yet true!

We had four days off which was awesome! I missed everyone so much, and my bed. I’ve been catching up with my friends. I don’t think I have stayed in once! Just doing normal things like going to the cinema and sitting in with the girls! And of course some dancing!

We’re just getting ready to start our promotion for the single, we can’t wait for more people to know who we are and to get the single out there! Don’t worry we’ll keep you up dated on what to watch out for! There are some great things coming up that we are so excited about, so don’t miss it!

I tell you what for teenagers/adults we do tend to act like 6 year olds! Ha. I don’t know what it is about dance rehearsals but we always get the giggles! I’m pretty sure Rochelle is normally the instigator too! I don’t know how our choreographer puts up with us! Also, the problem is we all have blackberries or sidekicks and we use them as our mics. As you can imagine the minute one of us receives gossip all the concentration goes out the window! Obviously we work really hard too!! Haha. :-/

Anyway I have to go to sleep. I promised myself an early night…its 1am already damn it! We have rehearsals for our 1st ever TV appearance tomorrow!!!! Wooooooooo!!!


Love you all

Frankie xxxx

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