A new TV Apperance and a new blog!!

Big Brother’s Little Brother!

Make sure you tune into Big Brother’s Little Brother tomorrow night on E4 from 6pm.

The girls will be dropping by the studio to chat with Zezi and George about Dale, Nicole, Stuart and all the other housemates.

BLOG from VANESSA – 05.08.09

Hello hello hello! It’s VANESSA!!!!!

Hope everyone is good!!

Well this week we released our debut single IF THIS IS LOVE! We have been so so excited and it has charted at no.8!!! We are so happy we have made the Top 10 and the announcement on radio one was an amazing moment for us all. We have been waiting for so long and now the time has finally come!! So first of all I would like to thank everyone who has bought the single, we really appreciate it!! We’ve been working non stop for a while now and I love every minute of it. We just had Friday and Saturday off so I caught up with a bit of sleep, went shopping and had loads of fun!! Now I’m rejuvenated and ready to work hard again! We had a fab show on Sunday with Girls Aloud at Pop In The Park in Dorfold Park, Cheshire!!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been crazy busy with lots of TV and interviews. When we’re waiting around we all have a thing for watching random video clips on You Tube. It is hilarious!!! Right now were watching the PCDs….great to watch!

This Saturday 9th July we’re performing at Nightingales Club in Birmingham so that should be a lot of fun. Come down and check it out!!!

That is all the latest goss from me right now! Im going to love ya and leave ya for a lil bit!!

Take care ppl!!!


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