The Saturdays to appear on Online TV

The Automatic, Sugababes and Sam Sparro will perform in a new online drama about the music industry.

‘The Secret World Of Sam King, a series about a junior Universal Music employee who secretly starts up his own label in the company’s post room, will feature appearances from girl band The Saturdays and US pop-rockers The Jonas Brothers.

From its launch on August 6, a three to five-minute episode of the drama will be streamed on social networking site Bebo every day, in a format similar to other social network drama hits KateModern and Sofia’s Diary.

“Users will experience a truly interactive world,” said Iain Funnell from the series’ producers Globe Productions.

“The drama will be the centre-piece and will be set within the walls of a major music company with characters drawn from real life company staff plus guest appearances and walk-ons drawn from the music industry’s biggest roster of artists,” he added.

A preview of the series is available to watch on now.

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