Sexy Saturdays lace up for chart success

Sexy Saturdays lace up for chart success
Interview by ANDREI HARMSWORTH – Wednesday, August 6, 2008
Move over Sugababes, Girls Aloud and any other spent Spice Girls still willing to challenge.

There’s a new girl band tweeting high in the charts and they’re hard working, ferociously ambitious and hot as Hades – they are the Saturdays.

These five foxes could be big, so we got them out for lunch to hear them unveil plans for record-breaking success.

They’re looking a good five years ahead after insatiable single ‘If This Is Love’ blasted straight into this week’s top 10 on debut.

‘We can definitely have a number one. Loads’, says smouldering Rochelle, 19. ‘We can be bigger than the others’ says Sienna lookalike Mollie, 21.

‘I’ve been dreaming of my teary Brit Awards speech since I was eight so we have to’, she adds.

So not just another five minute pop band? ‘No! We want to do something different. People are scared of pop but it needs a shake up’ warns Vanessa, 18.

Ready to snare the limelight, Una says: ‘We’re not frightened of being papped. It hasn’t happened loads yet but we have to put ourselves out there.’

‘We’ll love it’, Una reveals. ‘I was in the loos of a club and a girl whipped out a camera and took my picture right in my face. Weird. She was showing it to her friends. I’d say that was rude.’

Frankie and Rochelle scored success as kids as part of S Club Juniors but know the ride’s a whole lot different this time round.

Confidently side stepping the looming threat of tabloid lies, Frankie says: ‘It won’t really bother me what people write. As long as I know the truth. Most of it is made up lies anyway.’

‘I don’t really read trash mags and know who my real friends are. I have three or four best friends I can trust. You can tell the people who want something’, tells the 19-year-old.

Impressed by Cheryl Cole and Sienna Miller’s bullet-dodging abilities, Una, 26, says: ‘They handle it so well. They never actually say anything.’

Rochelle jumps in to defend one Girls Aloud idol, size zero singer Nadine Coyle, recently cellulite bashed in the rags. ‘That was so stupid. They criticise her for being too thin and then turn around and attack a dimple.’

Vanessa reveals: ‘We don’t really work out or have routines. We just eat what we like and don’t worry about it.’

Una insists the girls are far more than the latest trolley full of pretty faces.

‘It’s a lot more than just being pretty’ she says.

‘After supporting Girls Aloud they taught us it’s about working really hard at everything you do. We’re up early and are none stop until about 8pm each night.’

As for the queue of fellas, well only two of them are single. Frankie and Mollie.

‘I go for the tall, grungy guys’ says Mollie. ‘I hope Frankie doesn’t get a guy then I’ll have to sit by myself. We had to sit away from the others and their boys at YO! Sushi.’

Frankie warns the lads she won’t take any eager beaver. As for re-writing the record books, they’ve had a good start being the second most downloaded British act on YouTube last week, they say.

‘We get on so well. We have the advantage of not living together’ says Mollie. ‘But there aren’t the fights which people may want’, adds Rochelle.

‘We’re past nerves and just want to really give it every time we’re on stage. We’re ready for anything’ roars Philippine beauty Vanessa.

They certainly have fire in their well painted cats eyes so we better believe it!

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