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Ok so the Girls Aloud tour is now finished and you’ll be seeing a lot more of the girls!!

Check out this blog from the official myspace…


A Word from Frankie

Hey guys!

It was so sad to finish the tour! We had such a good time, but all good things must come to an end! Except in The Saturdays world! Lol. Cheesy…yet true!

We had four days off which was awesome! I missed everyone so much, and my bed. I’ve been catching up with my friends. I don’t think I have stayed in once! Just doing normal things like going to the cinema and sitting in with the girls! And of course some dancing!

We’re just getting ready to start our promotion for the single, we can’t wait for more people to know who we are and to get the single out there! Don’t worry we’ll keep you up dated on what to watch out for! There are some great things coming up that we are so excited about, so don’t miss it!

I tell you what for teenagers/adults we do tend to act like 6 year olds! Ha. I don’t know what it is about dance rehearsals but we always get the giggles! I’m pretty sure Rochelle is normally the instigator too! I don’t know how our choreographer puts up with us! Also, the problem is we all have blackberries or sidekicks and we use them as our mics. As you can imagine the minute one of us receives gossip all the concentration goes out the window! Obviously we work really hard too!! Haha. :-/

Anyway I have to go to sleep. I promised myself an early night…its 1am already damn it! We have rehearsals for our 1st ever TV appearance tomorrow!!!! Wooooooooo!!!


Love you all

Frankie xxxx

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