Mollie Blogs – “Mollie’s Birthday Boom!!!”

It was Mollie’s 21st birthday yesterday!! And she left a blog telling us all about her day…

Mollie The Saturdays


Mollie’s Birthday Boom!!!

The big 2-1 has arrived!!

I woke up with Ness and she sang me happy birthday in bed, hehehe i love her! Then we all went down to breakfast and opened my birthday cards – it was so exciting to have actually got some from some fans – like Jenny who waited outside for me in Cardiff!! Thank you all so much!! So, after that we started discussing how actually i would like a party (a bit late i know!), but Rochelle has agreed to be the official party planner, hehe, who better to organise a fun evening for me – balloons, music, and delicious food – she is the queen of it all!! Then the girls then took me up to their room and gave me a pressie!!! It is the most gorgeous perfume, (you might have seen me on the video trying to findone, but i had no luck!) So they came to my rescue and bought me Rockand Rose Couture! It is in THE most beautiful bottle and smells sooooogood! I kept spraying it alllll day, our poor driver must have gone home smelling of it, hehe!!! They also gave me some strawberry shoe laces!! (i have a feeling you slipped those in Frank hehe!!)

My family then came up to see me at the hotel in Birmingham!! It was SUCH a lovely surprise! I had no idea they were coming!! They brought me a cookie cake and my mum had made me a photo album full of photos of me growing up and messages from my friends. It is so cute, i love it so much! My sisters gave me my very own Flip video camera, so now I will be filming allllll the time!! Woo!!!!… Watch out Steven Spielberg!!!

It was then time to head off to the NEC and start sound checking etc, for the last time!! Boo hoo!!! but then I got THE best surprise – Girls Aloud came to sing happy birthday to me in our dressing room!!! i felt like THE luckiest girl!!! Who gets Girls Aloud singing happy birthday to them on their birthday!! WOW!!! The Saturdays were laughing at me soooo much afterwards, saying how red i went and how i had THE biggest smile on my face, hehe, oops, how UNCOOL!!! I absolutely loved it though!! They are such sweet girls!! We couldn’t possibly have gone on tour with a nicer band!!! They really made everything so special!!

Before the performance we all gave each other a high-five for the last time (something you probably won’t be surprised to hear i started, and now have to do EVERY night without fail before we go on stage, for good luck!), and then we had a group hug and said how proud we were of each other!! We busted our moves out and gave it our all, but not only that, Una completely unexpectedly told the whole NEC that it was my birthday and got everyone in the arena to sing Happy Birthday to me!!! It was AMAZING!!! Thank you so much Una!!! I will never ever forget that!!!!

We then went to watch Girls Aloud’s show, which as i’m sure i’ve already said to you is UNBELIEVABLE, and then afterwards went to the wrap party!! It was so much fun! Such a great evening and Girls Aloud looked absolutely stunning.

Us Sats put on our party frocks and laughed and chatted the night away, and it was lovely for us go out together, not only because it was the end of the tour, but also to celebrate my 21st! A huge thank you to everyone who made my birthday such a special one and for all the birthday wishes on the forum!! Thank you so much!!!

Birthday kisses from the 21 year old!

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