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The Latest from Frankie

Wow guys we’ve been so busy!!! I am literally having the time of my life!!!
We’ve been all over the place on the radio tour. And even managed to fit in
an OK shoot!!!! Yes you heard me… Ok magazine! How cool is that?! So look
out for us. We had such a cool day. We felt like such celebs as Mollie would
say. Ha. Rochelle is beside herself with excitement because she reads OK
like a Bible! The clothes were amazing and we look so sophisticated. I’m so
not used to it. Ha ha. Felt all posh! I’m just on my way home from capital
radio. Yet again we feel like we’ve made it now!! Lol. We had so much
fun…. If any of you heard it I’m sure you could tell. I can’t believe we
were on there and live too! Lucio is awesome though. Such a lovely guy! You
should have seen us dancing around the studio. Lol. I pulled out my old man
dancing again… The guys love it I tell you! Also we found out we got put
up to the A list!!! We couldn’t believe it. We jumped on the guy that told
us and gave him a huge Saturdays hug. I cried too!!!! Which then made Una
cry. Such girls! I decided to get the train home tonight! Its so much
quicker…. Yes I’m crazy I gave up the luxury of a car to get the train!!!!
What’s wrong with me?!

Anyway this is my stop so I’m off

Love you
Frankie x x x x

P.s. Where has our summer weather gone?! Sad times! X

And just a quick note to remind you all that the single is out in 2 weeks from today on the 28th July, so don’t forget to get yourself a copy!!

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