Vanessa’s Favourites

Starbucks vs Café Nero
Starbucks, because I love the frappès!! Caramel is the best.

Singing vs Dancing
Singing all the way. It’s my life.

Outer space vs Ocean deep
Ocean deep. I’m not really sure what this means but I like the ocean!

Dogs vs Cats
Dogs. Only because I really want one!

Cowboys vs Indians
Yeeehaaaa! Cowboys. I would love to be a cowboy for the day!

Eastenders vs Coronation Street
Eastenders! Although I don’t really watch either to be honest…

Day vs Night
Night because that’s when Vanessa is more awake 🙂

North vs South
South. I’m not sure why it just seems to appeal more to me.

Quiet vs Loud
Loud because I can be very loud especially after sweets and a fizzy drink.

Good vs Bad
Bad because it’s a lot more fun, don’t you think?

Black vs White
Black. Love my LBD!!!

Long vs Short
Short simply because I am very short!

PC vs Mac
Mac…I have no idea about computers but macs look nicer

Blackberry vs iPhone
iPhone! I really really really want one!

Ant vs Dec
They both seem really nice!

Full fat vs Diet Coke
Full fat all the way! I love sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Britain’s Got Talent vs X Factor
X Factor…. I haven’t actually watched Britain’s got talent, am I missing out?

Girls vs Boys
I love both girls and boys equally.

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