Frankie’s Favourites

Starbucks vs Café Nero
Starbucks. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Café Nero!

Singing vs Dancing
I love both and they kind of come together! One is more fun with the other! Although sometimes it’s nice to whack out a ballad. Ha!

Outer space vs Ocean deep
Outer space intrigues  me more because the ocean just scares the hell out of me! You just don’t know what’s swimming under you!

Dogs vs Cats
Aw…I can’t choose. When I have my own house I want both! Cats are easier to look after but dogs are so cool!

Cowboys vs Indians
Cowboys, baby. They are always hot in films!

Eastenders vs Coronation Street
Ergh…I hate both!! I haven’t watched them for years and dont intend to start! RICKEYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Day vs Night
Night time all the way! I’m more awake! Ha! There’s so much more to do.

North vs South
What a random question! I’m not even going to humour you with an answer! lol

Quiet vs Loud
LOUD! Where music is concerned anyway!

Good vs Bad
Its’ got to be bad…makes life so much more interesting…but then again I’m a wimp. Bad seems like a good idea until you get caught and then I’m good all the way!

Black vs White
Black. Clothes are slimming and look more expensive and are much more practical haha!

Long vs Short
Short clothes look good…if worn right of course. Short hair obviously…but I miss my long locks!

PC vs Mac
Mac. Just because I have one!

Blackberry vs iPhone
Blackberry, because I have one but I am desperate to get my hands on an iPhone!

Ant vs Dec
I can never tell them apart I’m ashamed to say!

Fullfat vs Diet Coke
Full fat is awesome! I don’t mess around with that diet stuff. It sucks!

Britain’s Got Talent vs X Factor
Snore! I don’t watch either of them! Oops, sorry, Cheryl!

Girls vs Boys
Girls for girly chats and boys because you can always have a laugh!

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